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Thought I'd stop ranting for a minute and post something people may or may not find interesting. Read More
A short essay on how the basic feelings of love and hatred have affected the democratic party and how it may continue to affect in the future. Read More
This is a story of America’s salvation. The story of the lifting up of an entire nation of people from the depths of depravity to the pure and pristine heights of strength and clarity of vision of purpose in the war against the surging tide of Clintonite impurities and venalities.… Read More
Sergeant First Class Rock Hard of Cold Water, Kansas, is a United States Army Ranger. One of the best. Today, he is leading a six man team of Rangers on a reconnaissance of one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan, an area where Rangers, Recon Marines, and United States… Read More
Proposition #1: The United States of America it not now, nor was it ever a Christian nation. It was designed by our founding fathers to be a nation of free peoples, most of whom were Christians when the nation was founded, but now the peoples of our nation have degenerated… Read More
Entertainment news has a beauty all it's own. The subject is irrelevant. Read More
This is an essay covering an issue facing many people in the United States - both parents and their children alike - in the year 2012. The essay discusses the rising cost of financial aid, how it got this way, and ways it could potentially be fixed in the future. Read More
Is this President doing his job? Are you doing yours? Read More
Strikes down lifetime caps. preexisting conditions extends health insurance to americans under 26 holds insurance companies accountable guarantees more free preventive care wins savings for seniors Read More

Short Story / Humor

September 28, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Allegory of the current political struggle in Washington DC right now. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 13, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

It bee'z a letter to day president mon from Cap-pin Mike of de Low Country! Read More
i worte this peom when obama was the president-elected. Read More
In the future man will survie on colonized planets and as long as there is man. There will still be hate, love , Politics and war. Read More
This beautiful Special Edition 13 x 10 - 130 glossy pages, hardcover book captures Barack Obama's character distinctions for success and the impact they have had on the world. Bobbi Miller-Moro inspired to document her personal transformational story from Republican to Democrat. The twenty-seven Lessons highlighting President Barack Obama’s model… Read More
I have written this article as a Pastor-Teacher. If you see only Republican – because the President-Elect is a Democrat – you are blinded by politics and blind to biblical eschatology. You are suffering from spiritual myopia (near sightedness) seeing only relief from a political administration that you believe has… Read More
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