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A different take on Scanty & Kneesocks, however, done in a style that'll make you wonder. Join Brute in his journey in understanding why he's become such a mess because of a pair of demon sisters. Even with the Anarchy sisters trying to get in his way, I wonder if… Read More
Xavier or X goes on a worldwide adventure saving different supernatural species in a bid to show them all that family is anyone or everyone, through their adventures they discover government plots, Primordial beings set on destroying their world but most importantly a fight with their own personal demons in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Max Maximov, one of the most notable modern Russian writers, is now in English! Will the gates of Heaven open to a sinful man if he makes every effort to look after his disabled daughter? Or will it open to a humanlike robot? The disabled girl is willing to do… Read More
This is a story my and my best friend are creating, I am writing its using his guidelines & he'll be illustrating the book, for update or if you want to hang out, I'll be putting our Discord servers here. Mine His Read More
Thrust into another plane of existence, Avalie Tennant discovers that there's more than fairy tales, mental disorders, and Bible stories. Read More
Trying something new with this semi-horror story that borders on strange. Read More

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NOTE: THIS IS THE FIFTH BOOK IN TFR SERIES - DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE COMPLETED BOOKS 1-4, OTHERWISE THERE SHALL BE SPOILERS AND CONFUSION!! Not long ago, four gods had found a prophecy, and with it, five signs to mark how close it was to completion. They've been procrastinating… Read More
Short Story based on actual true events. Read More
Don't fall for these deceptive ploys from the enemy. Read More
This poem was inspired by a story I heard from a colleague who was a park ranger who saw an entry in a cabin's log book about how there was supposedly a exorcism which occurred in that cabin. I decided to tie it in with my Maple Lane poem to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Featured Review by Celtic-Scribe63

"A great atmospheric and descriptive tale told with passion and echoes of, dark Fantasy. Your writing conjures up lush images of swooping crows ..." Read More

Clary Stoermer's nightmares come to life as well as finding out that her best friend isn't the person she once knew. Read More
A rip in the fabric between this dimension and one of horror releases dark entities and forces into our world. Alan Preston commands a small band of specially chosen mercenaries in an attempt to contain them at the same time as he and his wife Anne face their own demons… Read More

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September 30, 2020

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The Fantasy Realm House

The last thing any atheist expects to happen is to be possessed by a god. But that's exactly what happens to the unfortunate 24 year old Exavier Valderez after finding an unconscious cosplayer at a nearby shrine! His life begins a series of unusual events he never could have dreamed… Read More

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Sorry, just venting Read More

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****This story takes place in a world called "Jigoku" which is a world parallel to Earth but invisible unless you cross the spiritual border or "the abyss" as referred to in the main storyline called Welcome To The Afterlife. Volume 1 is available on Amazon and Kindle soon to release… Read More
Caitlyn Darlington was unlike many in the time of The Reaping, she was an innocent girl, sweet, kind, generous, and naive, a very good girl, a good person, but with a terrible secret, one that put her life on the line every second of her life. The Reaping, also… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cullen was put in the real world way too soon learning the bad habits of living on the bad side of town. Reality just made him get good at his bad habits and meet good sources for even worse habits. People constantly trying to change him but never achieve, but… Read More
Raguel a warrior Angel was banished to earth for a crime he was accused of and he thought heaven's punishment for him is not having a soulmate until Elena crossed his path Elena was thrown into the world of the supernatural where secret and her true identity is revelead Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lieutenant Sawyer is asked to test a weapon and finds an ally against the demons that have invaded her world. Read More
Dragons have been dead for thousands of years, after the conclusion of the Great Demon Wars they simply dissapeared. The legends grew as memories faded and eventually they were nothing more than fanciful tales recanted to children. That was until the legends of demons started to awake, old memories may… Read More
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