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The Donahues celebrate Jacob's 20th birthday, and then Ryan figures out who his girlfriend is, after Winslow runs away, Depraved Hallway Fern has to figure out how to finance their second album, Jacob and Renee go to Renee's parents' house for Jacob's twentieth birthday and Kimberly, Micah and Luke figure… Read More
About a little Domican girl that gets separated from her parents because of immagration. (this is based of of my own experiance, due to the deportation of my father. This is from a young girls point of view maybe about 6 or 7) Read More

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Ryan, Michael and Eric go to Mystic Stonington, Connecticut for an airsoft event and fraternal tensions between Ryan and his friend group increase, Luke Wilkinson is threatened with deportation and Brennan feels bad that his friend does not like Ryan Read More
Why do people discriminate against Hiv/Aids victims instead of love and respect they deserve in the community? Close the door against Aids, not the victim. Read More
The unabated swarm of illegals storming our borders will be the death knell for this country. Read More
As usual, Congress gives in to special interests and to hell with what the American people want. Read More
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