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A Dero oneshot requested by liebedero!!! Hope you love and enjoy your story!!! ? If you'd like a oneshot feel free to request one! Read More
A Dero Goi Gerburtstag oneshot for Solaris-Ember!! ? I hope you enjoy it Perfect song to go with this is Burn Your Eyes by Oomph! Read More
I was listening to "Burn Your Eyes" by Oomph! when somehow some way I came up with this idea XD And yes you have to put Dero in your mouth (snicker snicker) to "wake" him up. Read More
Wrote a story around the music video "Die Schlinge" by Oomph! This just goes more in depth about what Dero is feeling through out the whole thing Read More
Song by Oomph! Dero is the Breathtaker Read More
Dero creates a lady companion for himself. Here is the dress Su-jen is wearing: :thumb149190384: This next picture is what Su-jen's freckles and hair look like: The last picture is what her facial structure looks like along with her eyes and mouth: The section that says pg 43… Read More

Short Story / Humor

December 17, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Frank is excited about going sledding and is waking everybody up because of it XD Read More
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