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Cats make wonderful companions. I had intended to write a ‘normal’ introduction about the study of, their varied species and our constant attraction to these amazing creatures in tune with nature and still confound people to this day. My wife doesn’t understand me, neither do my Siamese and Lynx cats!… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote a plot outline in english class for a fantasy book. What do you think? Is it worth making a story out of? Read More
always try to be compassionate and understanding and not be judgemental and always eager to help anyone who wants help. But if they are totally unwilling to be open minded and fail to see their flawed thinking. then it's time to say adios Read More
Ok this is the second part in the three part no more pain series talked about the news section on my page. I am posting this part first for reference. As I am changing. The firsy part around. Chrishalnti Marriyacco at first glance appears to be the perfect kid with… Read More
This is a completely unconventional story – another of my experimentation. There is no definite plot, no characters, no protagonist, no dialogue, no theme, no conflict, and no nothing. This is but a delineation of a single scene. This will be overly descriptive and have no resolution, too. What the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My second piece of writting, year 10. to get into the school newspaper. Read More
One of my second pieces of writting, the descriptive piece i wrote to get me into the school newspaper in year 10 Read More
I just liked the idea of naked ice eyes... Read More
This story is about to girls who are complete opposites, but just because of that it doesn't make them not friends. I makes them closer really. Read More
These are all the main characters from my novel I'm Always There!!! I'm posting them separate from the novel because someone pointed out that people may like to keep imagining them however they like and don't want to see the pictures that I pick. I'm just posting all of them… Read More
Well...I got this idea for a story, and I want to know what people think. Don't worry though, Lia's story will still be worked on, this is just an idea that I want to get out there, to see what people think. Read More
This isn't really a novel. It's a string of writing exercises where I take an image and describe it using the best words I can. I know, it sounds boring. But I'm sure that if you take a few moments to look at the images and my description you (hopefully)… Read More
These are a few descriptions of mythical creatures. I hope you enjoy reading about them! :) Read More
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