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"I planned to propose to her on the beach where we grew up together, under the stars that silently listened to our hopes and dreams when we were young, next to the waves that served as witness to our first kiss." Read More
Illeron has seen it's darkest day with the Great War that had ensued. The kingdom of humans, Victorey, had fallen, leaving two heirs. The young princesses, Sue-Ellen and Heather. They were not even five when their world had turned into a destitute place. Princess Sue-Ellen was raised by her father's… Read More
A girl is raised in a world of horrible lies. The only constant is her mother, who knows the real reason none of the people of the United States can be identified as citizens. As the girl, named Desiree, tries to unearth the truth from a mound of junk in… Read More
This song can be about a person who at every turn, the more to mention or call her name the more you become weaker and more vunerable to what she does to you and everyone around you even though they know alot about Desiree but everyone knows the old Desiree… Read More
Danny suspects his dad's new lab assistant to be a ghost. Read More
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