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Everyone knows that killers are big, serious, rude uncles. However, there is a teenage boy in the city of London, who will kill anyone for good money. Thanks to his natural charm, a young killer can fall into the trust of any person, and only then he calmly kills his… Read More

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There's a certain amount of urgency added to an investigation when lots of money is at stake - in this case, the largest lottery payout in Florida history. Charley Comstock got the money. But his first cousin (and sole heir) is convinced that Comstock is dead, and that the money… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Baby boomer Mickey Shamus, a retired postal worker fresh off life’s treadmill of endless mortgage payments, car payments, and college tuition bills for the kid, not to mention a healthy, three-meal-a-day monkey on his back, suddenly finds himself divorced, broke, and free to pursue his lifelong fantasyto lead the exciting… Read More
Who would have thought such a grave and foul act of murder could occur at the prestigious Dignity Retirement Village and Assisted Living Centre... Read More

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Former Detective Jade struggles through the roughest patch of his life while horrendous things happen. His ex-girlfriend is being stalked and he's lost his position on the force. Read More

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Detective James Baron became an outlaw after asking the wrong questions. After four years of running on land, he finds a new opportunity in becoming a pirate. The old man at the ship's helm tells tales of a sea of mysteries; the Terminus. Intrigued and left without any other options,… Read More
The collector makes an error that will lead him into conflict with detective Cassidy, a man he immediately recognizes as being a threat. Read More
James is desperate, his gambling debts have caught up with him. In a moment of madness he turns to robbery to raise the money to pay off his debts. Read More
Frank Cardigan, the world's worst detective, must solve a confusing murder featuring a red thing left in the crime scene. Will he be able to think enough to succeed? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

1954: In this domestic noir, Private Investigator Dean Briars becomes entangled with the enigmatic Angel Sullivan as he tries to find a killer in a seemingly blissful LA suburb. There are plenty of suspects close to the victim, but the answers may lie in a seemingly perfect couple who is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The year is 1947 in Brooklyn, and PI Ray Allison is on the case when he is hired by Gwen Sanford to look into the death of a high profile millionaire and weapon manufacturer with shady connections, her father, Stephen Sanford, who suddenly died in a bizarre car crash which… Read More
The hour is late, a tired man steps out of his office on a cold, rainy will be his final night on this earth. Silenced forever by the assassin’s bullet. By the time dawn breaks the morning next, Brenda Schroeder’s world has turned completely upside down. Her husband has… Read More
Master Cameron was found dead in the library, beaten and stabbed numerous times. The knife next to the body and all doors and windows are locked. The Cameron family now has to figure out who killed the master and find the real culprit. But if each one of them is… Read More
It's part of the foundation of the society to initiate law and rulesas a way to contain a person's wild desires and inclination to want the forbidden in order to sustain peace and order, but how far could those rules and precepts stand? Is it truly accurate to say that… Read More
Ever wondered what's behind the mind of a killer? Consider this Kill101, cuz class is in session as Jerad shows you exactly what it's like walking a mile in the shoes of a killer. On the opposite side of things, however, is a very observant detective. This particular detective gets… Read More
The conclusion of murder at Devils Abbey, finds Hurley fighting for not only his own life, but that of Shelia Flannigan too, Read More
Kevin Hurley finally manages to track down the mysterious man from the ruined church, but the story he is told does not seem to point to a happy ending. Once again he is faced with the sobering fact that the law does not apply to everyone equally. Read More
McCluskey discovers that he is nearing the end of the road, but he has no intention of taking the final journey alone. Read More
Flannigan discovers the source of the leak to the press, and Hurley is accosted by a man who prefers to remain concealed. Read More
A fire in a remote cottage serves to remind Hurley and Flannigan, that someone is willing to go to extreme lengths to guard their secrets. Read More
A visit to the old ruined church ends with Hurley almost killing himself in his car, while his superiors might have preferred he had.. Shelia Flannigan unearths some old documents that lead them to Frank Corbett a retired detective that seems more than a little obsessed with Satanists and otherworldly… Read More
Susie was a talented Hip Hop Artist that just needed a break. She thought she made it when she got signed to Groovy Records...Be careful what you wish for... A Relentless Detective is on the case Read More
A renowned detective in Los Angeles hits it big when he receives a medal of valor for his work in the police force. However, things take a dark turn when he is stumped by a difficult string of murders in the heart of the city. With the help of his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Eric McEvoy is an Irish homicide detective with dark secrets and a horrible past. A call from his partner forces him into reliving an event from his childhood. An event that shaped him into the law-bringing man he is today. A serial killer who gives himself the name "Crimson Killer"… Read More
Kevin Hurley id a detective living at the last chance saloon, banished from Dublin he finds himself working a cold case that no one wants solved. But this murder had even darker implications than he realizes, and his mind begins to play tricks on him. Read More
The death of the old priest takes Kerrigan on a journey out of the city, a journey he will lose all memory of. Read More
A story in rhyme about another time, and a crime. Or was it? Read More
Detective James Baron became an outlaw after asking the wrong questions. After four years of running on land, he finds a new opportunity in becoming a pirate. The old man at the ship's helm tells tales of a sea of mysteries; the Terminus. Intrigued and left without any other options,… Read More
Kerrigan is a man haunted by his past, a man that has grown weary of his life. A chance meeting with an old man offers him a chance of redemption for past sins, but at what cost? Read More
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