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Detective James Baron became an outlaw after asking the wrong questions. After four years of running on land, he finds a new opportunity in becoming a pirate. The old man at the ship's helm tells tales of a sea of mysteries; the Terminus. Intrigued and left without any other… Read More

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A time in the future of mankind when world peace is paid for by those who desire it. But this story is not about peace, it is about something much more important. Read More

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Eric McEvoy is an Irish homicide detective with dark secrets and a horrible past. A call from his partner forces him into reliving an event from his childhood. An event that shaped him into the law-bringing man he is today. A serial killer who gives himself the name "Crimson Killer"… Read More
The Famous Inspector Poopchyk is recruited by Scotland Yard to help solve a mystery of grave national importance. Follow Poopchyk and his Best Assistant Number 1, Slimey The Salamander, as they try to crack the most unusual case of their detective career. Read More
In this several chapter book, part historical fiction about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, and Professor Moriarty, with some facts woven in just for fun. The teller of the story is Daniel Allen Crock, a private detective who wasn't looking for a mystery to solve, but he found… Read More

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The Ghost Killer, a famous Los Angeles murderer has been hunted by the LAPD for years, undetected. The murderer was sly and great at their craft, barely leaving a clue that points in their direction and never leaving a survivor from their kidnapping. The only thing that the LAPD… Read More
An excerpt from my latest book: The Self Proclaimed Inspector. You can find the rest of on the Barnes on Noble Online Store, just search for "The Self Proclaimed Inspector.' Read More
Found. Lost, alone and in tatters. A girl who went missing over 6 years ago, who presumed was dead, shows up in the middle of a police station. With no memory of anything that happened or where she had been for the last 6 years, It was a race… Read More

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Detective Mellow investigates a case so unbelievable it's surely must be a joke. Read More
K and Venancio are detectives that work for a shadowy figured only known as The Marquis. In a scenario where the law is only held accountable by investors, the detective pair must navigate several moral dilemmas to solve a string of murders for the cause might be closer to… Read More
After the disappearance of his wife and daughter ten years to the date, the retired detective is handed the one thing he's been searching for, the location of Reginald Tavish the man who stole his family from him. Read More
Mr. Moore was a kind, and cheery chap, always smiling. Until one day, he was found dead, dead as dirt. Never again would he shine his kindness on his people. When Jack starts his investigations, he dives into a world of danger! Read More
On her way home from work, Adrianna Winer, a young homicide detective, is kidnapped by a woman who appears to be deaf. Later, she finds this woman to be Céleste Polisson, whom is selectively mute, as she begins to play prerecorded messages to communicate. However, the average kidnap and murder… Read More
Maia's an 18 year old in NYC. A natural detective, she's got a reputation for being the best illegal PI in the city, willing to do whatever she needs to get paid, no matter what the law is. Follow her on a journey through blackmail, sex and the occasional… Read More
READ BETWEEN THE LIES is set in the small Suffolk coastal town of Oxmarket where the population is gripped by fear following a series of savage murders and the discovery of a strange craft on the local marshland. Read More
An investigation leads to being only a step away from death for our intrepid detective.. Read More
When a private detective is hired to investigate four job applicants, he learns about the Meemap; a device popular amongst the young which allows them to reconfigure their personalities on two occasions per day, enabling them to achieve goals and take risks without fear or doubt. But will the… Read More
Chapter 6, the 6th Reverend Chesterton Mystery Read More
Chapter 4 of the Reverend Chesterton Mysteries Read More
The third chapter of the book The Reverend Chesterton Mysteries Read More
The first in a series of stories comprising the completed book THE REV CHESTERTON MYSTERIES Read More
Part one of ten - The Saul Cross Diaries Saul Cross is a journalist on the hunt for a scoop. With his apprentice, Carmen, they journey through the underworld of 1950's LA to discover who is really responsible for the recent spate of murders that has left certain societies… Read More
This story is about a special investigator who is reborn with a red eye. Read More
A short story with a big twist Read More
A two chapter short story, about 5,000 words, seems to be touched by dime-novel detective vibe and island ghost legends. It is a murder mystery that might have gotten side-tracked, just a little. Read More
Detroit 1994, detective Erin Cole and Ed Lane are on the hunt for the illusive Evil Eye Killer. Both detectives have to fight both the killer and also their demons. Erin is out to prove herself and needs this case to get back in the good books of the… Read More
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