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So this dame walks into my office, and... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The People Who Don’t Exist Read More
New York, 1940. Detective John Farrow is a man who loves mysteries. When Delbert Harding dies in his Mansion, he begins to investigate the murder. As more deaths happen, he runs out of time to solve the death, and arrest the killer. The new mystery thriller novel by Robert Helliger,… Read More
Detective James Baron became an outlaw after asking the wrong questions. After four years of running on land, he finds a new opportunity in becoming a pirate. The old man at the ship's helm tells tales of a sea of mysteries; the Terminus. Intrigued and left without any other… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When someone close to one of the detectives is assaulted, they are determined to catch the perpetrator and put him behind bars. But when personal issues arise, the case becomes more difficult to solve than they expected. Read More
Jay G is sent to the Netherlands to work on a case. Read More
Costello realizes now that he has been played like a puppet, someone out there appears to be two steps ahead of him at every turn. His suspicions leads him to believe that the people involved, are part of the department he works for. The final installment of Puppet Masters. Read More
The body count rises yet again and Costello finds himself very much attached to the strings of the puppeteer. Part 3 of the Puppet Masters mini series. Read More
Costello eventually finds out who the crooked man is, but he is too late. Conan tells a disturbing story before ending his life, but this story leaves more questions than answers. Part 2 of Puppet Masters. Read More
A butchered girl in a dark alleyway was nothing new to Costello, but something about this one brought a bad feeling over him. A frightened hooker tells him to look for the crooked man, and he feels he is being sent down a very dark path. Read More
Episode 17 in the paranormal detective series "Beyond Darkness". Read More

Book / Romance

August 12, 2019

The School of Advanced Nurturing is a world completely isolated from society. And it's not your ordinary school. Join the students as they progressively settle into this chaotic competition of hierarchy. Caste World is a story of friends, enemies, traitors, and more. Read More
When a billionaire is facing a conviction for a crime he didn't commit, he offers a monetary incentive to those who can prove his innocence. This inspires many amateur detectives, including our main cast, to start investigating. Can the Big Money Detectives come out on top and fulfil their namesake?… Read More
Episode 16 of the paranormal detective series "Beyond Darkness". Read More

Book / Thrillers

June 23, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Everything isn't always as it seems. For Mena Cardy, that couldn't be more true. She used to think she was just an ordinary girl. She went to an ordinary school, had ordinary friends, made ordinary grades. She wasn't much of a talker, but that didn't make her much different right?… Read More
Mason Hutwick, official reporting investigator of the VPD; Virginia Police Department. Known for solving big-time murders, as well as lowly petty theif's-all hero starts with an origin story. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Eric McEvoy is an Irish homicide detective with dark secrets and a horrible past. A call from his partner forces him into reliving an event from his childhood. An event that shaped him into the law-bringing man he is today. A serial killer who gives himself the name "Crimson Killer"… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young man is being arrested for theft, later reveals that he must assist police involving the unsolved case. Read More
A Noir detective tale with a twist.. Read More
Episode 15 in the paranormal noir detective series Beyond Darkness. Read More
Episode 14 in the Beyond Darkness series of paranormal noir detective stories. A special thanks to my old friend Fran Molloy for the use of his photograph for the cover image. Read More
Episode thirteen in the Noir paranormal detective series "Beyond Darkness". Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The continuation of the first part. Aysha, Yulia’s friend, suffered from the death of her father. But it seems to be, that’s not all. Pavel Bouzlaev, Yulia’s previous producer told them strange things. What’s the secret he hides? Something with personal relationships. This story could be understood without the knowledge… Read More
Dark Angel is episode 12 of the paranormal noir detective store series called "Beyond Darkness. Read More
Episode 11 of the Noir paranormal detective series "Beyond Darkness". Read More
There was a private detective called Henry and his friend Tucker who live in London. They teamed up to solve many crimes around them (sounds like Sherlock Holmes). Henry, as a detective, who tries to find out the truth of the world and Tucker is the one who is supporting… Read More

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Episode 10 in the Noir paranormal detective series "Beyond Darkness". Read More
Episode 9 of the Noir paranormal detective series "Beyond Darkness".. Read More
Michael Tritter, a 53 years old police detective working in the state of California moves next to Michelle, a 28 years old waitress who's into older guys... The young woman quickly gets infatuated with the tall man after encountering him at the place she works. She begins to spy on… Read More
Episode 8 of the "Beyond Darkness" paranormal Detective series. Read More
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