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Reading this memoir will take you into the eyes of an innocent child who has been robbed of his imagination by societies demands and pressure. Experience the struggle of trying to defend ones imagination and understand why you no longer imagine. Read More
A story of a destructive relationship and the aftermath. A story with a dark secret. NOTE: I am submitting the completed story as a writing piece in my portfolio for a magazine. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, for reading this. Please critique/feedback/ comment! Any suggestions you have please comment :) Honest opinions… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Well, as you can tell... I was REALLY hoping for spring after four months of snow and freezing cold. The winter can only be so beautiful for so long... Read More
Jas is now 27 and so is Callum, and Jas has a beautiful 13 year old daughter, called Jodie. They haven't heard from Danny in 13 years and Jas can't understand why, after everything he said. But when an arguement between Callum and Jas spirals out of control, the truth… Read More
The saddest moment of my life. Just thought I'd share it. Read More
I did not write this poem, my best friend/"sister" wrote it. She wants commentary, but she can't get online to "publish" them. So I typed it out for her and posted it, with her premission, to my site. Please read and comment. Read More
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