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September 15, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

This the story of Natalie, she is 13 years old and has depression, and has a speech disorder that she has learned to hide over the years but, still has it. One day she is saved by "Mr. Formal" A.K.A Chris. His upside-down world has dragged Natalie down to. Chris… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Myridrinn loved Nairi with all his heart and she loved him. Despite him being different. Her soul was stole by the Sanctus, Asphyx, and Myridrinn is the only one that can free her from the water devil's grasp and the horrors of the Abyss. He knew what he had… Read More
A recap of last night's Toronto/New Jersey game. Read More
A preview of tonight's Toronto/New Jersey game. Read More
There once were four creatures who possessed great power: a vampire, a ghost, an angle, and a demon. All were strong but craved being stronger. To achieve this goal they decided to ask the devil himself for the ultimate power of immortality. However the devil told them that he… Read More
An article about a recent trade in the NHL Read More

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An article about the recent suspension of Ottawa Senator's player, Alex Burrows. Read More

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Love, at its very core, is sacrifice. Like the moon serving its purpose as our sun on the night sky. "Twilight Feathers" discusses exactly the two distant yet closely the same topics. Love and Sacrifice. Twilight is a time when the day is almost over but it is not night… Read More
A critical short-story exploring the inner insanity of a persona who encounters a deominc creature; foreshadowing his ulitimate doom. Read More
I wrote this, in 2010. It's part of my 10th lyric set, Inception Of The Omega. Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 05, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

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Two Exorcist men Two Churches One stuck in the old One embraced by the new One longing to know One longing for freedom Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 18, 2015

follow the crew of the french mistress as they fight to survive a life as a pirate and as there captain try's to uncover a mysteries object only known as the box. Read More

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William Shakespeare wrote "Hell is empty because the devils are here," and this story shows why. Read More
Hades's kid was always shunned as a child for being weak in comparison to his father. One day he finds out he has a power that is a force to be reckoned with. (sorry that I'm bad with summaries =p) Disclaimer, I did not make this picture and I don't… Read More
It's inspired from a true story. Now cause it's a story, it's a bit long. But I am sure you would get trapped by the gothic plot. I tried to prose the story in a poem. Read More
Don't get offended if you're religious (-_-) Actually, I dunno if all religions believe in angels? Or is it just Christians? I'm not any religion, so beats me... Read More

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January 22, 2015

"Salem ain't no place to be sorrow girl," - Alex Woodrow Read More
Horrible things are taking place along Highway 10. Something sinister is capturing people and is doing abominable things with their bodies. When a young girl finds out the truth; she tries to free a group of people from being victimized. However, the child is discovered and she has to run… Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 05, 2014

Seven devils falls like a cold rain! Read More
There is price for everything and one should be careful what they wish for. All deals made come due eventually. Read More
Serina Potts. That’s who I am - a 12-year-old girl who has a huge interest in photography. I have long, thick black hair and dark green eyes. Mainly because my mom is from Europe and my dad is from Vietnam. My mom and her ex-husband had a divorced, and I… Read More
The Devil talks to God and wants him to confess... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The lustful beast who shines down from a red heaven dressed as a human. Her name is SHINTARA the whore of the fallen Gods, and she has risen from oceans of bubbling sins to bring lust and Hell upon mankind. Read More

Book / Young Adult

March 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Onyx Addams, isn't your typical teenaged girl. Being a vampire, and the only daughter of Satan himself, she's treated differently than all her brothers. Finally fed up with her father's treatment of her, she packs up and starts a new independent life away from her fathers controlling grasp. She then… Read More
OK, so, this took a seriously long time, which is why it's so long. With references to many different topics, it's up to you decide the theme of this poem! Read More

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December 07, 2013

Two lovers embark on the journey of a lifetime, or the journey of death. No matter how much Jayden tried to protect Daphne, some things cannot be kept secret. Read More
In the world of medieval Japan, a boy, Kaito and his sister Ami discover how their parents die in the tragic accident of their burning home. They want to avenge for the death of both. How far will they go to accomplish that death wish to the causers? Read More
My short story for Complicated Girl's contest. I did the song 'Addicted' by Enrique Iglesias. Lily is a girl who's lost in a world that she didn't chose. Ethan brought her into this world and he didn't exactly let her go even after he died. Read More
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