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Lili goes off to watch anime with Lydia, but realizes that her whole collection of anime DVDs are missing! She enlists the help of the archer Devin in order to search the island and find the perpetrator that stole her most prized possessions! -cover by Kathrina Cneris… Read More
Prologue- A man is saved by a Gypsy, and thus becoming A Cursed Man...... Read More
Megan can't get over her ex-boyfriend Devin. But she's in for a little surprise. Devin thinks there relationship is all about the past. Megan just can't let it go. Read More
megan... a 16 year old from York, England. leads a happy life , untill she runs into the wrong guys. Read More

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December 11, 2010

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{A Kissing Point Road Novel} Everyone believes Courtney Walker to be so naive, so innocent. Blonde and somewhat considered dumb, she's been underestimated and misunderstood all her life. But then Fletcher Stone is discovered, Stolen Identity makes a debut, and the mystery silhouette finds himself a name. Suddenly life isn't… Read More
a tragic love story. isabella can not get away from her past to realize how lucky she is. and poor devin pines for a broken soul, wishing he could lift her up and help her fly this story is not complete but i know where it is going but i… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*ONGOING*Tessa is trying to run away from her abusive boyfriend, but she loves him too much to keep him out of her life. When a new boy comes in and threatens their violent relationship, will Tessa be willing to admit the love of her life is hurting her? Read More
There is something going on in Sector 7. Quick, don't let them see it. You have to get out of the compound. I REPEAT. YOU MUST GET OUT. Read More
After the battle with Jeta, his followers decide to find a new villain that they can serve and help control The Island. Devin, Jessica and John are spending the summer with Stacey, Shaun, Wolf, and Joan at their house, since Jamie and Chelsea died. The summer will be filled with… Read More

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Devin and Jessica Walker just realized their importance in the world. Their parents are showing them what to do and how to do it. They don't realize that danger lurks in every corner as horrible people with special powers threaten the lives of everyone else who is a hero. Together,… Read More
Devin and Jessica Walker are just beginning to learn their abilities and their importance. Special people, just like them, are trying to hurt them and they will do anything to fight for those they care most about. This story is filled with romance, action, suspense and a question: Will Devin… Read More

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Alex Doss was a normal teenager, aside from being extremely beautiful and rich. She just moved to a small town, and an upperclassmen catches her eye. Juggling life, Alex goes through things a lot of teenagers go through, but will she make a huge mistake? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Abigail finds out taht she has AIDS. Now she has to tell everybody. And that's when she gets the biggest surprise..... Read More
Six young R.C.P.D. officers traveled into the Arklay mountains a day before the outbreak in Raccoon City, and now, they are in a fight for their own survival. Some will do anything to survive, while others will help anybody who needs it... in the end, who will survive? Read More
A novel / novella Casey and her crew of paranormal investigators do...what else? Investigate suppossedly haunted sites all across the country. So, when an opportunity to travel to Ireland and investigate the Lisheen Castle comes up, you can imagine that they're going. But, like all good adventures, something has to… Read More
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