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This book is a devotional on animals found in the Bible. It focuses in on a unique character trait of a specific animal and then links that trait with a scriptural example.It also lists all the references to where you can find those animals in the Bible. The book has… Read More
I surprised my two girls with their own Bible study books. They were excited! I'm eager to see how they respond as they read through the Bible study. It's much like a big love letter that I wrote to my two daughters that points them to the Bible, the… Read More
Author prays god for her wish to write an epic such as Ramcharitmanas by great author Tulsidas. She wants to highlights today's humanity in the epic. Read More

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OM is a talk show on which celebrities were interviewed by a talk show host SIR.A fictional character 'Chinnamma' was interviewed by SIR. Read More
Does he love her in return? You can't describe your love for another. You can try, but words don't serve justice. A part of a brief story that I wrote in partnership. Read More
My sister is writing a devotional for teens! and we need your help and your input :) Your letters and questions will GUARANTEED be in the book :)Please help.... Read More
A Devotional on the first few Chapters of the book of Habakkuk... A book that has greatly ministered to me. Be encouraged, and blessed. :D Read More
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