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Love, with reluctance Read More

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Where-wolf, as in the wolf of that inner space that reacts when the walls are closing in. I wrote this poem to deal with contrasting feelings of being both trapped and empowered to act at the same time -- a poem about the things YOU have to do and the… Read More

Tags: poetry, wolf, dharma

Carol is the journey to the Himalayan mountains near the Tibetan border in search of power-spots. On the way up, the road goes around cliffs two thousand feet up for about sixty miles. The Indians say: "The spiritual experience on this pilgrimage is returning alive." Read More
"Science without religion is blind, and religion without science is lame," said some great scientist. And indeed India has a role to play here. India can talk of higher spirituality that can form the basis of universal religion. Upanishads talk of higher spiritual truths, which most nations of the world… Read More
“The final Point of Life” is a poem dedicated to Lord Yama Raja (Dharma Raja) or Kaala “The God of Death” in Hinduism. In the Vedas Yama is God of Death, with whom the spirits of the departed dwell. Yama is represented as having two insatiable dogs with four eyes… Read More
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