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Nigeria is a multilingual nation. It is estimated that there are over five hundred different ethnic groups within the Nigerian boarders, and each group has its own system of language. Language is said to be a uniquely powerful communication system that is stimulus and medium independent, abstract, arbitrary and productive.… Read More
Coal face blues a dialect poem by Irwin Read More

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A story about a girl who was dumped on her grandparents by her father when her mother died. Set in 1911 up to the time she got married. Old Lancashire folk with some dialect of which tanslation has been given. Read More
The Saga of Ragnfridr Hallbjornsdottir. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Set in Iron Age Baltic Caught in a storm, a teenage girl and her dog are cast away on an unihabited island in the Baltic Sea. Read More
Another monologue in the style of Marriot Edgar. Translation also available if you can't be bothered and want to spoil it. Again just read phonetically out loud and flatten all your vowels if you wish to speak Lanky. See my news page if you want a good Lanky Lexicon. If… Read More
This is Black Country dialect, the Black Country is situated in the centre of the UK in the region of West Midlands, so called for it's past links with heavy industry Read More
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