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40 years after a 10 year war destroyed much of our world, the survivors have now settled on the last remaining land mass, and have founded the country of Aurum. The citizens of it’s capitol Citadel live off the labor of conscripts who are chosen out of the population of… Read More

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Use men when they are young. As they age, their value diminishes. Read More
Now, expression of freedom is open to all Most wounds of the past will be healed Those who believed in the power of weapons are fools History has time and again taught that public strength can topple great kings and rulers The public salutes those fighters who fought for freedom… Read More
Those who wielded magic once governed society. This ended with the arrival of ultima beings. Fighters and assassins enhanced by science to serve the government that eventually came. Their war is ongoing and the persecution intense. But what happens when one such ultima discovers that he is a mage? That… Read More
" I wish I could be forgiven...If I was purely honest with myself, I'd say even God wouldn't dare to think I'd deserve it..."- Enya Enya Donnellan knows she shouldn't be born this way. The way the citizens all depict her as a murderer, savage and beast. She has lacked… Read More
It is courting season once again in the steampunk city of Varona, and this time, Demetria is finally old enough to attend. Rather than seeking a respectable husband, her brother and his band of rebels have sent her in to keep an eye on the tyrant King Zebulon. On the… Read More
A short teaser of a possible novel. After chemical contamination ruined the over world. People fled to shelter, but few survived. Eventually underground chambers were found. The survivors lived for centuries in the catacombs. After a thousand years they found the toxicity levels where low to none. Over years they… Read More
In a world where your looks are dictated by your personality, what could go wrong? "How could you all live like that?" he asked me, his eyes wearing nothing but sadness. "You weren't... free." "Maybe not," I replied. I gave him a small smile. "But we were Beautiful." A kind,… Read More
I wrote this song a long time ago...and have wanted to expand it for a while as I always like it just didn't know where to go from what I had...spent some time on it today and like what I added...When I originally wrote it the song was directed towards… Read More
A friend of mine (a former criminal who served a decade in prison for his offence) recently lost his job after the F.B.I. raided his place of employment solely to embarrass him and get him fired! This is monstrously totalitarian behaviour by an organisation (the F.B.I.) which has always been… Read More
The worst thing about the 9/11 tragedy was they way it traumatised us all so that we stood back and allowed tyrants, like Bush, Obama, Blair, Brown, Cameron to bring in dictatorial mind-and-thought control in formerly democratic countries, like America, England, Austra Read More
Question everything teachers, parents, ans (especially) politicians tell you! The are all politically-correct BS artists! Read More
A satirical look at an African dictatorship, where heads will roll because His Benevolent Majesty has discovered the theft of his leopard skin loincloth.There is more to this tale than a simple theft, just as the loincloth is more than a mere part of the royal wardrobe. Read More

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September 10, 2013

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In 2025 dictatorship China takes control of the United States of America due to bankruptcy. Nobody thought this would happen in a million years. With no allies, the US faces the gods of wraith alone. The United Nations fighting the Middle East for scarce oil. With China in full control… Read More
My analysis of Che Guevara's life, analytical style and manor in executing his plans for the nations. All information about Guevara's life gathered from: books, articles, his writing, his speeches, documentaries, films, short stories, eye witness accounts and inevitable proof. Read More

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October 24, 2013

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It's the end of the 21st century and the greatest war of all time has come to an uneasy end, 21 year old Carla is one of the lucky ones to survive the conflict, she's on a journey across the world but where she's going and why she can't keep… Read More
Phillip Mathews is a boy born into slavery. He lives beneath the city making a living down in the sewers, feeding the prisoners and fighting rats, until one day he meets a new prisoner. A man named Elmont. Phillip becomes intrigued by his grand tales of life free of fear,… Read More
Poem about the need to fight the corruption of government in modern so-called democratic countries. Read More
The young have sold out and become politically correct cabbages; doing whatever they are told! Read More
Kevin Rudd’s overt concern for the future, at the expense of people now living in poverty. Remember, "Live for today … there is no tomorrow! Read More
A poem composed in response to the dictatorial policies imposed upon a group of volunteers in Oxfam. Read More
It's a short story, describing the actions of a man, tired of being under dictatorship,in order to ignite a rebellious spirit among his fellow citizens. Read More
to occupy with ones eye is to capture the essence of what one has seen for the world to see. Read More

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A very fluent poem about dictatorship and it's effect. Read More
He is a tyrant, a dictator, this is his last breath. Read More
This is a story about a Family who has to escape North Korea under life threading conditions.... Read More

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Erya has been controlled under a dictatorship for centuries. People born with the ability to change things were swiftly locked away. Until one sixteen year old girl is finally released. No one will look at Maia in the same way again. This novel was inspired by the horrific happenings in… Read More
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