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Hello, everyone, this is my poetry book. I'll update it whenever I have the inspiration to write new songs. Hope you like it! P. S: Now that it's ended, there won't be any more waiting for the new songs in here. Read More
few questions that i have had in mind Read More
Just a story. Short, at 150 words. Read More

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Two about the difference Read More

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Our Cultures and their end. Read More
Seeing clearly. Read More

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Do you know what it feels like, to not be able to do something? To be physically unable to do something. Do you know what it feels like to be reluctant to do something? IS there a difference in those two things? Or is it all the same? Read More
This song is about living together. No matter where we come from or how we dress, what we believe in, we are all human and should accept each other. Read More
Just hope it does not happen! Read More
Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? Do you ever wonder if you were actually ment to be in this world? Like your so different that it scares you and you feel like you can't talk about it? To anyone? That feeling is normal. None of us are… Read More
"Living your own way" is about all the people out there who want to live their way, to be themselves but are afraid to because of what other people would think. Everyone is different inside, it can be in the smallest of ways or the biggest, but those differences aren't… Read More
This haiku points out the fact that we all have different opinions, and that those same differences need to be accepted as we are all human beings. This was an iAuthor prompt to write a haiku containing the words "sweet" and "sour." Read More

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There are many people that you will meet in your life and some of them are good and others are bad. This poem is about the great friends you meet that might be quite different from you, but you couldn't be better friends. Read More

Book / Young Adult

July 14, 2015

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Everyone is imperfect. It's the same for everyone. So how can the world of five imperfect former friends be so different? Read More
Melissa Evangeline Royale and Louis Tomlinson were best friends since she was twelve. Now at twenty-two, she's by his side traveling the world in the most popular boy band currently on the planet. The only problem? Her hatred for Niall Horan only grows stronger and causes unneeded tension among the… Read More
Moving from one culture to another can be exciting and confusing. Some of the differences can be strange and difficult to adjust to or can be very amusing. Here are the observations of a California woman who moves to the heart of Mexico. This is just to give you an… Read More

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Metaphors and events relating to time, knowing how the same length of time can seem totally different, according to whatever situation and/or age a person is in. I have this poem on www.allpoetry.com where I am listed as Kjthepoet. Read More
This story is about two girls who have two totally different lives and meet one day and everything goes wrong. Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 14, 2014

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At Boarding School for the Gifted,(BSFG) are four girls that are the best of friends. Akiko, Daichi, Akane and Jukon. The girls live in a world of monsters that is always at war with humans. When a rumored half demon, half human enrolls into their school, everyone turns on eachother… Read More
A short article I was inspired to write during my travels through Asia. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 21, 2013

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Entering this in angellynn's contest. This picture can mean a lot of things. This is what I think this picture is about. Oh...You thought I was gonna say what it's about in the summary? Hah. No. You'll just have to find out by reading the poem. XD Thank you and… Read More
This novel, based upon the true saga of six-year old Nasser (Joe), is now available on Amazon.com. Joe and his 14-year old sister were sent from their Chicago home to stay with cousins in the village of Dayr Ghasana in the West Bank. Three years later, Joe and his mentally… Read More

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How wondering thoughts effect people such as me... Thoughts should never be underestimated, how one person can think about their thoughts - Story Read More

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Emily was always different, she never could figure out why everyone stared at her was it her dark grey eyes, or her pale skin, or her dark brown hair. She didn't know why everyone stared at her, will she find what is so different about her and will she find… Read More
Dusk, she may look like a simple outsider to the world around her, but inside the walls of her home she is very very different. Different is not always good for everyone involved... Read More
Zara, a high skilled assassin is facing two major problems, each that threaten her career and life. Ezekiel, a trouble maker. falls for Zara and believes he can win her over from Shad. Will Zara be safe on her 2 year mission? or will Ezekiel butt in and ruin her… Read More
Best friends. Similar, yet so different, but different is good. Isn't it? Isn't THAT what makes us such good friends? Read More
a poem which explores the differences of other people and trying to create a better wolrd Read More
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