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This is an article "Upgrading Your Marketing Tech for 2021" by Marc Primo. No one can deny the importance of modern sales and marketing technology in any type of business today. The real challenge is how you can keep up with the many and rapid advances that offer consumers innovative… Read More
This is an article "Tips for Effective Digital Marketing on a Budget" by Marc Primo. With a new strain of COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc on the global economy, it's far-fetched for anyone to predict when the many slashed marketing budgets can completely recover. Just in the UK where the… Read More
This is an article "Why You Should Make Way For Video Ads in 2021" by Marc Primo Online users have shifted from short and medium-form videos to long forms this year and, with various social media tools and sharing platforms such as Reels, Fleets, or Facebook Watch, the video ad… Read More
This is an article "Why Digital Training is Important in Marketing" by Marc Primo Taking on any career requires constant learning but in the ever-changing world of digital, continuous training is as essential as wings on a plane. Companies shouldn't stop once they've hired the right people to do the… Read More
This is an article "Turning Your Leads Into Conversions via Mailers" by Marc Primo Sending mailers to your leads is similar to a basketball player sinking that last free throw with one second left on the clock for a one point lead. No doubt, it can give you a high… Read More
This is an article "How to Boost Your Search Rank" by Marc Primo For digital marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important tool to see their websites rise up in search rankings. The truth is there are many factors that contribute to your position in search engine results… Read More
This is an article "Using Pinterest as a Digital Marketing Tool" by Marc Primo. From being the main platform where homemade recipes and decoration ideas were usually pinned by users, Pinterest has evolved into a useful digital marketing and SEO tool for a lot of brands. On a monthly average,… Read More
This is an article "Generating Growth Via Digital Transformation" by Marc Primo Warren. With massive adjustments in both lifestyles and how people do business, COVID-19 has turned everyone's world upside down and continues to create new challenges. As more businesses have adapted to digital solutions to maintain a smooth flow… Read More
This is an article "Embracing Digital Post COVID-19" by Marc Primo Warren. There's no doubt that today's new normal has pushed almost 90% of businesses into digital transformation. Data-driven science and technology somehow became a strong option for companies that are looking to achieve their B2B and B2C goals, despite… Read More
This is an article "How to Write Scripts for Your Social Media Posts" by Marc Primo Warren If you need to boost your online traffic in no time, video is simply the way to go. There's just no other digital marketing tactic that creates optimum results at minimal costs. And… Read More
This is an article "Making Videos More Social" by Marc Primo. Do you agree that anyone can make quality-produced films today? Even if you don't have a film degree, you can post plenty of video shorts everywhere on social media these days and most people are willing to watch. However,… Read More
This is an article "The Best Free Marketing Alternatives Out There" by Marc Primo. If you are a hands-on digital marketer, going online for the best free tools available can give you a thousand or more hits. This can easily give you more of a headache than what you're really… Read More
This is an article "Optimize Online Traffic with the Google Search Console" by Marc Primo. Just like how credit card owners want to maintain good standing with their bank, so too should SEO practitioners with Google in terms of earning good search rankings. The Google Search Console allows you to… Read More
This is an article "Everything You Need to Know About On-Page SEO" by Marc Primo. In the world of digital marketing, a 'keyword' is exactly what its name tells you. It's the key that unlocks opportunities for your website to gain improved traffic, more conversions, and wider reach to more… Read More
When it comes to SEO, it is a highly specialized field that requires a high level of understanding to know the way it works and how it can be successfully applied to any website. Anthony Constantinou says, “There are some common errors that tend to creep in when SEO is… Read More
This is an article "Defining Your Customer's Digital Journey" by Marc Primo. Like traveling, a customer's journey comprises many turns and forks on the road. As a digital marketer, it is your job to serve as your customer's GPS that will guide them to where they really need to be.… Read More
This is an article "How Google Ads Work" by Marc Primo. With over 246 million unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions, and around 700% ROI, Google Ads is one of the best options to spend your money on ads and gain a wider reach. As one of the many great… Read More
this is an article "define and engage your target market" by marc primo. using data to properly reach your desired audience and segment consumers is the very definition of target marketing. these days, data is a very important asset in digital marketing that allows you to create more efficient strategies… Read More
If you are a small business owner and wish to learn a few digital marketing tips to leverage your brand and generate profits then watch our video on the latest digital marketing strategies for 2020. This video will give you in-depth knowledge of how you, yourself can run profit-generating digital… Read More
This is an article "How to Generate Leads via Digital Marketing" by Marc Primo. Early on in the year, promising new trends were about to take the digital marketing world by storm. However, things went awry as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold globally causing a few changes in the way… Read More
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