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This book is dedicated to recounting the cases of those who have gone missing in the United States (mainly the US tho exceptions might be made and will be marked). Along with the case information will be possible theories, tho most will be just based on articles read and not… Read More
The purpose of this book is to profile cases of missing people that disappeared during the decade of the 1980s and to try and find a theory as to what happened to them. The hope is to keep their memory alive and hopefully find some resolution to their cases. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Gone But Not Forgotten is a book that will examine the many disappearances that have occurred in the course of ten years, from 1970-1979 mainly from the United States but any exceptions will be noted. The case descriptions will be followed by possible theories and at times, will have other… Read More
This is a collection of cases of the missing people (mainly from the United States tho any exceptions will be labeled). Here we will examine the cases that range from 1950 to 1969. Although this work is based more on articles read than actual field research, it is my goal… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Three friends from rural South Carolina in 1970 solve the mystery of a young boy's disappearance after a school fire 39 years earlier. Read More
After Bonnie Monroe's father was attacked, her mother turned to drinking, leaving Bonnie to fend for herself. Art soon becomes her only way out. What else can she do but turn to new student and fellow artist Cole Forbes? His bad-ass brother Mason is really nice too. But then strange… Read More
Over the past few months there have been several disappearances in Marcus's town, and he and several others with the same suspicions think that they have traced them back to a business man, but things are not as they seem. Read More

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