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It hit me, suddenly, that I had no idea who I was. It scared me that I didn't know my name, where I lived, where I worked, who my friends were, who my family was... if I had a family. I didn't even know if I was a boy or… Read More
The story is about a young girl who the summer before heading to Yale goes to France with her family. She finds the true meaning of being a teenage almost adult girl. She has to decide to give up what her parents always wanted for what she truely wants. She… Read More
This is for Kit's contest. It took a really long time to get into writing this but I really liked writing it. This story is about Sarah discovering who she really is with the help of a perfect stranger. Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 14, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Discovering my emotions with a pen Read More
An uncovered thought from deep inside the brain. No answer, just another question. NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED. IF READ WITH A OPEN MIND, AND THE WILL TO TRY THE EXPERIMENT, YOUR VIEW OF THE EARTH, RELIGION, AND LIFE ITS SELF WILL BE CHANGED. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 02, 2012

At times of uncertainty, do you know who you really are? Inspired by the song, Faceless by Red. Read More
Kendall was a girl who spent her weekends alone. She never believed she needed anyone. Then on the last day of her freshmen year, she goes to a party that forever changes her life. Now addicted to alcohol and drugs, she spends her life on the fast lane not worrying… Read More
A story about learning to be the true you. Chris has never done anything for himself. He has no passions or dreams. He tries to be the perfect son but he finds life meaningless. One day after falling into depression he sees another boy who somehow fills him with longing.… Read More
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