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A poem I decided to write just now, I would love any critiques on it. Read comment leave me love or hate and be sure to enjoy. Read More
Voight joins a team to conduct surveillance on 3 targets at a resort for 3 nights during a festival. Without his assigned team partner Jenny, Voight assists Team 2 with their third and final target. Episode 2: part 3 Read More
Voight joins a team to conduct surveillance on 3 targets at a resort during a festival for 3 nights. Voight and his assigned team partner Jenny assist Team 2 on their second target. Episode 2: part 2 Read More
Voight joins a team to conduct surveillance on 3 targets at a resort during a festival for 3 nights. Voight and his assigned team partner Jenny take on their first target. Episode 2: part 1. Read More
Now known by Voight through his new identity. He takes on his first job which involves breaking into a shipping yard warehouse to retrieve documents and cause destruction. Episode 1 Read More
Ryant is a disgraced soldier that just been released from a military prison. He goes to see his old friend to get started with a new life and kicks it off. The introduction of the series. Read More
Just a cowboy riding on the range. Going along as a runaway with his horse. With smiles so sweet. Read More

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June 27, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a song about people who try to bring me down. Read More
In my younger years I had some issues. Well I wrote this a couple days after some of those "issues". Read More
You see them everyday. They are everywhere. Are you quick to judge before taking into consideration what they might be going through?? We can't help ourselves, we were born into a world that can be cold at times... But who then gives us the right to make it even colder… Read More
just something that happen to me when i was young Read More
A story showing sexism. A Young girl disgraces her 1901 Swedish village by meeting someone new. Read More
Many look at "I think therefore I am" with interest but just move on to other work. But to move on without building a foundation in which philosophers can fall back to is a disgrace, and will only lead to trouble as society continues to pile layers and layers of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Our freedom of speech is being taken away. Read More
Hundreds of my written stories concerning reality, truth, and the false man made religions worldwide with the god of this world as their head rather than Christ. And because all people have been mislead, duped, beguiled, hoodwinked, betrayed and double-crossed---all on earth have been left as stultified regarding the truths… Read More
I wrote this poem when I visted my country back home. It killed me to see women treated unfairly. And no matter how hard they worked to keep their family happy, they were still treated poorly. I also wrote it for Violence Against Women. Read More
Paradise? All I see is a disgrace. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The world has come to an end. Sin. Read More
I've been so close to my goals, my joy, to not letting the pain get to me. But in an instant, I'm thrown back on the row of despair, the mindset of suicide, the loss of all hope. Read More
The book cover for lovemonkey's novel 'She'd never forget her disgrace' Read More
An act of disgrace Read More
There's no need to explain this... read it and you'll understand... Read More
*Finished* Anya has finally found her home, and no one could be more grateful than her. With new and old family together she's settling comfortably into her new life as the Alpha's mate. But someone in this new life isn't who they seem to be. As… Read More
Child abuse is happening all around the world. Children aren't suppose to be abused as they live through their moments in childhood. Their childhood should be fun not a living nightmare that will forever be burned in their mind. I thought every child's childhood were suppose to be fun to… Read More
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