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Short Story / True Confessions

September 06, 2018

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Poem / Other

November 01, 2017

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Poem / Humor

May 21, 2017

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A perfect job for me! Read More

Tags: jobs, disguise

Poem / Poetry

September 20, 2016

The Me In You is a poem telling of how we portray ourselves to others in relation to who we really are. Read More
Heaven and Hell are waging war in our world and the angels take a more practical way of dealing with Hell by disguising themselves as police officers. However, when you're fighting a losing battle, sometimes you have to get a taste of the other side just to see how bad… Read More

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This is a poetry about vision, struggle , hardships, darkness, light, positive attitude. Read More

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Callia has always run. She has perfected the art of escaping and can disappear with ease. Her latest escape was performed with a master’s hand, but the guy she escaped from was different, he followed. Followed vigorously. What do you do when you're running from someone who is faster? Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 19, 2014

Poem doodled in the boredom of class Read More
It's a song... i wrote it... so yeah Read More

Tags: love, loss, pain, hurt, disguise

This is my new Halloween poem about creatures that know how to fool the eyes. "Halloween is the night where every creature can blend in with everyone." ~derekajames Enjoy! Read More
Victorie ashworth was a sixteen year old gentry maiden in 1860, jut before the civil war peaked. Her childhood playmate, Frederick Stanton, was a charming, working class boy. Being that victorie had a fettish with stories of forbidden romance (like 'Romeo & Juliet' and 'Pocahontas') it wasn't hard for her… Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 13, 2013

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Poem I wrote after watching the movie The Great Gatsby. It's about how hard some people try to fit in with others. About how they hide their true selves in order to be accepted and loved. But when the truth is actually revealed, so are their true hearts. Read More
Stinky takes a walk through downtown and finds himself becoming more that a pig! This story is funny and will touch your heart Read More
The story of a young woman figuring out she can't trust anyone. A.B Read More
Basically I've taken my favourite poem (The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe) and used it's rhyme scheme and reversed some of the original lines or put my own in their place. It's one that will be added to over time hopefully so it'll only start with the first stanza. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 21, 2012

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I just need to be myself, and you need to be yourself, it's the only way we'll ever get to where we want to go. Read More
Story of deception by the HIV virus. Read More
The inspiration is a bit morbid, the train I was on hit someone the other day. That's scared and in scar, not scared as in scare, like afraid. Read More
This is a short snippet of a story where two people meet by a lake however, one does not seem to be who they are saying they are. Read More
This is a poem I wrote that is pretty much a person who lived their whole life as a lie. It's not about me, or anyone I know.. Just a poem I kinda made out of the blue. So enjoy. :) Read More
A prequel to Wild Wicked West, Cassidy and her friends infiltrate a floating craps game on a girls' night out but what's Cord going to do about that? Read More

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What happens when, you fall for the guy who was sent to kill your own father? He is an assasin, at first sent to kill the mafia boss (blake), but was seen by Blake's brother (her father). What he failed to notice is that, Blake's brother has a beautiful daughter.… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 12, 2012

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It's hard too go through breakup's espeacially when you truely loved that person. Love also makes us blind, too who a person really is. Once you see that person for who they really are it's hard not too still love them, but also hard not too hate the personn behind… Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

February 09, 2012

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Arir is a young, beautiful she-wolf hungry for power and revenge. She wishes, secretly, to take over the entire valley. Will she succeed in her dark task? Or will she finally find the one wolf who can stand in her way? Read More

Book / Romance

November 23, 2011

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When she accepts a scholarship to an all boys boarding school, Ronnie Lark, a girl who has pledged herself to never fall in love, has indeed found someone special; however, will a manipulative ex girlfriend and psycho killer ruin it all? Read More

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First things first. This story does not contain really deep details with sex but does have all the pervertedness, sex jokes, and abuse. So, don't shy if because you think this is like an erotica story. Because its far from that! It is based in high school, so I hope… Read More
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