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The Booksie Classic House

The 40th anniversary of a Disney film. Read More
How a true version of Walt Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" should be. Read More
I don't care if this essay convinces people who think otherwise or not, I just felt like it needed to be said. *This article by Pride covers the subject well enough: https://www.pride.com/movies/2019/7/08/little-mermaid-was-originally-metaphor-unrequited-gay-love Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Quasimodo/ "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" are mine! Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 13, 2019

Three princesses. Three curses. One adventure. Rapunzel's magic hair spontaneously grows back, Ariel regains her mermaid tail, and winter returns to Arendelle. One year after their most meaningful trials and triumphs, something has taken away what they worked so hard to gain. As they leave the safety of their own… Read More

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The House

If the Boot Fits: Part 1 You know the story: kind mother passes away whilst raising her daughter, father remarries an evil wench, father passes away, daughter is left to live with her awful step-family- The classic Cinderella Story... except, this time... there's a twist. Read More
this is about cinderella from her step sister’s pov Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A free form poem brought on by wishing for that happy ending that has evaded me. Read More

Book / Romance

July 31, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

I make things up in the book as I went along never thought I'll do a book like this at all. Read More
Scar believed what any inexperienced ruler would: that he could do whatever he wanted. And he was never wrong. Read More
Disney Princesses are written with the same formula. Deceased parent(s), a cute animal sidekick, magic surrounding them, and a terrifying villain. Overall, it ends where the prince and the princess get married and everyone leaves the theater, thinking about how wonderful those fairytale realities must be. This is different. While… Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 24, 2017

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The My stories House

We all know the story of Cinderella, but what about her "evil" sisters? The stepsister follows the tale of Rose and her steamy and romantic pursuit to winning royalty's heart. There's always another side to the story. Read More
"Never love someone you just met." After Eugene and Rapunzel got married, they lived their lives happily but after that, a great war raged their kingdom and the horrifying disasters followed. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Never love someone if you're not loyal enough to be true. Snow White may be your favorite princess, think again. ----- This story came from my dream a month ago, probably, my best complete dream ever. Read More
This is one of the infamous tales of how Peter Pan came to be. How his home life was, how he became friends with Tinker Bell, how he finds Neverland, and all kinds of other his adventures! Read More
Notice: This is a work of fiction. A princess gets trapped in a tower and falls in love. Her son is destined to change the world but you'll never guess how Read More
"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would just.. die?" I am Maleficent. To be me is to endure a life of loathing and unhappiness. But I see the truth of people, their petty sides, their capacity for uncouth contempt. In my veins, my blood has become ink. Each drop of… Read More
Eric is brought to a mental institution to work closely with a patient who has a strange obsession. Read More
This is a funny little poem who was inspired by a cricket I once captured years ago. (Essentially an Elegy celebrating/commemorating the cricket's short-lived life.) My friend told me to keep it outside and free, but I didn't listen. At the time I wanted to make a habitat inside of… Read More
For my new friends performance in class. Here's the poem you requested. Read More
"I will rule". The evil fire Queen version of "Let it go", from Frozen. This time Elsa has fire powers and is extra evil..... The picture isn't my work either, it wasn't my edit. Read More
This is The Lion King fanfiction that took place a few months after Mufasa's and Simba's death... Read More
An epic mix of Disney characters who unite to fight against a new rising evil. Read More
When the Red queen is forced to marry the Master of the Guards, Ace, a card soldier risks his life to free the queen from her doomed future. Read More
When the Red queen is forced to marry the Master of the Guards, Ace, a card soldier risks his life to free the queen from her doomed future. Read More

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