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Disobedience always come with a price tag.Elvis learnt that the hard way. Read More
This is a short story about disobedience and over-confidence. many young people thinks that the world revolves round them.so, they tend to be disobedient. hamzat, a young strong and healthy boy in his early teens took his energy for granted and became disobedient. but, fate finally caught up with him.… Read More
Parkour, Mental Illness, Spirituality, Social Disobedience Read More
This is an essay from writing 122. It actually won a writing contest, which I earned a semester of free tuition. Read More
Only pure truth concerning the life of all people worldwide; and just as our creator has said, only few at this time will hear, but when its too late for switching lanes onto a different road, it will be too late. Read More
Reason why God is going to send delusion into the minds of a world of believers who know not God in His Spirit of truth through ignorance and being disobedient. Read More
Facts on how over three billion believers rebel. against God Read More
a story about a girl who finds herself in an awkward situation due to sneaking out of her house :) Read More
small essay opinion on some of the global issues facing the world today, such as how language and its improper interpretation, or even a proper interpretation, is always subject to debate, in the minds of everyone. Read More
I was thinking this morning about how people say the Bible has been altered and tweaked and how now there is confusion about meaning and intent. I wrote this little story this morning with that in mind, thinking about how it is human nature to utilize slippery slopes and lame… Read More
Just wrote this. There's a story behind it that I hope to write one day. This is just a rough poem. Read More
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