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What if heterosexual relationships are merely symbolic of something infinitely more significant; something that has been deliberately suppressed and perverted for thousands of years? What would happen if such an ancient secret were to suddenly resurface in the modern world? ...And what if this scenario is not entirely fictional? "A… Read More
Has the simple truth been staring us in the face the whole time? Read More
As humanity awakens from its slumber, and the dream of individuality, new ways of existing and interacting with one another are coming to the fore - and V is blazing a trail! Read More
Some people have asked for 'bullet points' about V, so here they are. Read More
Could male interest in female feet actually represent a longing to return to the Goddess and their ancient spirituality? Read More
Short story on how our divine essence and natural instincts have been overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of words and concepts. Read More
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