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August 06, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

this short story is told in 3rd person for most of the story it is about this girl who shows you into her life little by little. Read More

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In "Love Beyond Biology: A Family's Journey to Happiness," follow Sarah, a determined single mother raising her four children after a challenging divorce. Fate brings her Prince Charming, David, into their lives, and together, they build a loving, resilient family. Despite David having no children of his own, he becomes… Read More
www.JeffBettgerPoetry.com Sometimes, a strong love slowly fades, with no one to blame. (photograph by Jeff Bettger with an iPhone on my way home one amazing evening. No filters used.) Read More

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"The pain is palpable. You wrote a powerful and poignant poem. If you get the chance, could you comment on one of my poems?" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House


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April 16, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Without you is... Read More

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The Free Verse House

{and what a bad day it was} Read More
Available as ebook and paperback also on various retailers! The published version is professionally edited and formatted, and can be purchased as a pretty paperback for your bookshelf! Links in my profile! Private investigator Martha Holmes is falling out of love and back into her life – or so she… Read More
A conversation between mother and son about why his parents are no longer together. Read More
The accidental find of a single red glove leads to the unveiling of a long hidden startling family secret. Read More
An alternate take on my short story "Solar System Divorce Leaves Saturn Unbalanced." Poor Saturn can't get a break. Read More
The written account of an alcoholic father as he finds himself learning the hardest lesson that love will ever teach. "Loving someone means that sometimes you have to go away. " Read More

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October 20, 2022

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The Vintage Publishing House

For Esmie ... Read More
Un couple est chez Monsieur Bricolage à Dinant pour faire des achats, chacun de son côté bien qu'ils utilisent le même caddie. On dirait, à première vue, que l'harmonie conjugale règne entre eux deux... Pourtant, à cause de ce qui se passe au magasin, la vérité ne paraît pas si… Read More
Harper is sad their parents are getting a divorce and can see their mom and dad are unhappy too every time they have to go from one house to the other. Although Harper is sad and confused, they are never lonely because they always have their favourite stuffed animal with… Read More
Heartbreak stings, ouch/honey bees leave their stinger/a prick from nature. We've all gone through it there's no agony quite like that first heartbreak. When I think back to that teenage me this captures what I felt. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I am twice divorced; the first on me and the second on him. So, I could tell it was coming. There are no winners in divorce, but there is plenty to be learned from it as you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. I hope you are inspired by… Read More

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"The first part grabs you and won't let go. If there was a stench to destruction that is divorce this sum it up. The second is like at the end o..." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Had this interesting experience last night at my job. A young couple going through a divorce was doing a child swap in the parking lot of my gas station. I won't bother to describe their race, as I do not want this to be a summary judgment of everyone in… Read More
If total global costs of failed marriages and divorces all over the world are calculated, it would stand at many thousand billions of dollars. If saved, it can eradicate poverty and starvation from the face of earth. Saving marriages is enterprising social economics. What it costs to save this wastage?… Read More
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