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The Booksie Classic House

Sometimes the only way to find peace is to let it all go. Read More
The story tells a conservation between a mother and her daughter and their struggles to move on from the past. Read More
Growing up in a family of divorce can sometimes affect your view point on love. So what's the truth? Is there love? Does it still exist? How did I think of it growing up and how has it changed me? Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 11, 2015

Living in a house where my parents about to divorce, through the vision of a god-ugly pinstriped chair we owned Read More

Book / Horror

January 05, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

After the disappearance of her husband, a financially struggling young mother finds real love despite all odds. But what happens when the love dies and she can't let go? A nightmare of a twist inspired by a true story. Read More
how Catholic families make you feel after a divorce Read More
Perfections of black magic for love complications No one has a perfect couple or love story. One has to make it with the efforts. Read More
When my children were small, we went through a particular difficult time after our house burned down. We found ourselves living in a little three room cabin with only cold running water and an outhouse through the winter. That Christmas was like no other we had experienced. Read More
A child discovers her real identity. Read More
This is a story about a woman pushed over the edge by her circumstances... Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 01, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Description of the end of many modern marriages. Read More
ATHOR can't get over his father, who was shot three years ago. CORDELIA is scared to fall in love because she doesn't ant to leave anyone behind. RORY is depressed, wishing his father hadn't left him where he is. And now, they're all together. Read More
Just a short poem this time, I found it when I was looking as things I had written a few years ago, unfortunately there are people other than me who will have felt pretty much the same as I was one I wrote this Read More
Mary was divoced, couldn't find job, she was disappointed. she decided to leave the city which she had lived 6 years with her ex-husband, drove to a small village called "Fantasy Village". In the village she restored confidence and happiness, she met friends, neighbors and a handsome lover. The pretty… Read More
Divorce is not an easy topic, so let's take a quick look at it in the context of Christianiy. Read More
Destiny can bring people many surprises, good and bad. Read More
Next Time Love Comes is a second chance at love story. Both Liz and Aiden are married ...but to the wrong people. Now that they have found each other their need to be together will send them through some heartbreak and joy. Read More

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This is an autobiographical perspective at how a practice of Meditation, Guided Imagery, and Visualization for 40 years helped me create the most authentic and joyful version of myself. It is not all about happy, happy, joy, joy. Learning can be painful. Real change and growth come from life’s difficult… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Poppy Miller has a plan. It's very simple; survive. Make it to graduation and then get the hell out of Dodge. What will happen when an old flame re-enters her life and turns it upside down? Poppy Miller hates, yes hates, Tyler Burke with a fiery passion. She can't tolerate… Read More
Ryan sees his new college dorm, and when he returns, he is surprised to see Michelle has come bearing good news. Meanwhile, Ethan and Kimberly work out the finalization of their divorce. Read More
A personal poem to my ex-husband, my abuser in our domestic violence marriage. Read More
Lost in this world, is there any hope for me? Read More
This is Unfinished...I found it while cleaning it was on a piece of scrap paper...I tend to write or start ideas and I forget half the things I write... I think it was about a man being chased by himself...idk I'll start writing it again and it'll come to me...lol...my… Read More
One destined night in downtown Chigago, two old friends meet. Simon is still more or less the same person, while Dean has become independent - a free spirit. He's having a party that might end up changing Simons life. The story will contain problems such as alcohol, drugs, sexuality -… Read More
Carson, a special agent for a hidden department in the CIA contemplates just what his life has become. Read More
It's about a succubus, demon hunters and a young girl becoming a woman of sorts... Read More
This is chapter one of my short story, 'the divorce' it is about a young girl of the age of 12, and one day her parents tell her they are getting a divorce read and find out more. Read More
The Faith Series is about a young adult who is the victim of abuse, not yet a survivor. She later becomes a divorced single mother. Faith seeks to break the cycle of abuse to put an end to her victimized life. In the name of protecting her 4 children, Faith… Read More
After Ryan’s Anthony Fantano interview, he heads to Amherst for a show, where he meets up with Michelle, who tells him stories about Delaware’s deteriorating sanity and possibly vampiric tendencies, Madeline gets into slam poetry and Ethan soul searches after his debate gaffe, and makes a shocking discovery about Kimberly Read More
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