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A town of magic. A town of mystery. Full of fantastical creatures and dark secrets. And she's just been thrown into the thick of it. Read More
David is a young successful man who suddenly develops mental issues. What happened to him? Who is on his side? Will he ever recover? Find the answers in the following story. Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 12, 2016

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The House of Ghosts House

When Bianca Griffith finds a black cat in an alleyway she is unaware how much he will change her life. Genie, the name she gives the cat, is in fact an ancient djinn who's lost his memories. When Genie grants Bianca her first wish she learns of a secret society… Read More

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A poem about Yidhra the Genius (Djinn). Read More
The Third Race In the Beginning, God created the angels and the humans, but what if there was a third race? A race which had been cursed? Elocin finds herself dragged into a new world which she does not quite understand. She has been forced into the front lines of… Read More
No one should be afraid of the dark. But sometimes you shoud be afraid of what's lurking through the shadows. Read More
A poem about the Mad Poet Abdul Alhazred who wrote the Necronomicon. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Story I wrote in rhyme Read More
A poem about the Mad Arab of the Cthulhu Mythos. Read More
A poem about the Mad Poet/Necromancer Abdul Alhazred, who wrote the Necronomicon. Read More
The Almighty God or Allah has created many creatures made of fire , clay and light namely Jinn, Men and Angels. This essay looks at who THE DJINN are ....SATAN IS OF THEM.... Read More
Faced with extinction, a magical goat will eat his way to eternal life. Read More
this book is story about a djinn vs human.ali the djinn has issues about humans;michael just trying to make out living without jill and hopefuly start a relationship with lisa. this djinn is about to turn his normal life unside down. Read More
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