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A hardworking, dedicated doctor did not spare time for himself and finally walked into the jaws of death leaving his family and followers stunned setting a precedence of patients before self. Read More
The dreams you had conceived as a kid, are you in them now? Read More
This chapter is still a WIP, apologies in advance Read More
A unique story about a mother, her son, a gift, the end of the world, and a special doctor. Read More
. Bellowing footsteps were growing closer from the abbey's winding entrance. Edmund's confidence caused him to let his guard down the last few times he had spent the night in the morgue. Read More
For anyone who's had the unrealistic dreams of parents put on their shoulders … Read More
My day to day experience with schizophrenia. Read More
While not written to be pornographic there are many explicit descriptions of sex not appropriate for minors. Only adults should read this book. A Chinese/Philippine girl grows up poor in a dysfunctional family. The family settled in Tropicana Village a vast low income subdivision on the East side of Santa… Read More
“Will I ever get used to this?” Edmund muttered to himself, but that night he was back in the dead room. Read More
There was a killer named the "Mutilation Man" who ran around the US killing people in the 1960's. After he was killed because of the death penalty, there is a new Mutilation Man running around. Westerly Isles tries to find the motive of the copycat killer. Read More

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The third and Final installment of Dotty's story. I'm still not sure about the ending, but i think it'll do for now. Read More
The second installment of Dotty's story. It's a short, but it's my favorite. Last part will be up by tomorrow. Read More
The Doctor takes you on another adventure. This time it's amazing and sad at the same time. It was one of the World's greatest ship disasters of all time. Step into the TARDIS and find out the Doctor takes you. Read More
A young gunsmith is lured into his own abduction by a bandit gang. His friend, a doctor, takes a hand. Read More
Some received Illness and other's will get ill on there own accords; knowing Read More

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Throughout Margaret Robertson's life, she's encountered countless ironies but the worst? She is a doctor accused of committing a murder. She needs help and only Alexander Meyer, the most famous lawyer of Los Angeles can help. Along the way, there are twists and turns. Not what they expect at… Read More

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A Doctor Who wish to have friends Read More

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February 13, 2017

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After being put into a mental hospital for suspicions of being insane. Aria has proven herself to be quite a handful. Every female nurse has had her fair share of trying to at least cope with Aria never mind helping her cope with her insanity. But when Dustin comes along… Read More
Edmund was a child once, not always a plague Doctor. Some say curiosity killed the cat...I say it sparked a crazed maniac's mind to discover more. (WARNING: Lots of anatomy speak and gore(?)) Read More
A man who thinks he is haunted or imagining things. Read More
A group of friends decide to investigate the legends of Hellingly Hospital, only to discover that not all of them will survive the night. Read More

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Jane could not believe that her life will end up in Rio de Janeiro. She was raped by three local men and struggling to survive. She has to find her missing friend, and she wishes that they will be together again going back to the State. Does her wish come… Read More
The third special episode follows on from where series 3 left off. Lily Kettle has recently asked her boyfriend Razz Kevins to marry her. Her engagement happened in a different way to how any other engagement takes place with she herself asking her boyfriend to marry her and not him… Read More
Doctor who character Rose Tyler makes her way into our stories in this part of the adventure. A wicked witch kidnaps her from her home garden and takes her away as her prisoner. Will Rose be rescued from the witch? Read on to find out! Read More
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