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Short Story / Literary Fiction

August 24, 2017

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The Review Chain House

Barret is diagnosed with being a psychopath. His therapist tells him to write a story about his daily life, this is that story. Read More
From Christmas of 2011 to the end of 2014 I wrote in a journal. I included original poetry, theories about the world, spiritual revelations, and personal experiences that I learned a lesson or two from. In the pages I lay out my soul and have a lot of pride in… Read More
Dakota's Pride - The book Information on Down syndrome and Special Needs. It’s been about 5 years since the making of the film Dakota’s Pride that aired on PBS, so I felt it was time for an update to let people know more about what happened behind the scenes, how… Read More
My name is Amara and I keep a journal. Inside my journal lays all my deepest darkest secrets including the things I've said and the things I've done. I've gotten away with a lot of illegal activity but sometimes I forget what I've done. So, for this reason I keep… Read More
An article written by the author of Bridge of Time by Missy against Animal Abuse and Neglect. Read More

Script / Humor

February 06, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Comedy Sketch/Skit satirically sniping at the low quality, 'dumbed-down' sensationalist style of many modern documentaries. Read More
Documentary about the depression/recession and disappointment of my life. Read More
Its like we woke up one morning in a virtual reality.We now are watching movies and television shows that put us in the games our kids and unmatured adults play.We are seeing movies that put us in a chair as we live life through a virtual being.How many have often… Read More
A class is watching a documentary narrated by a single man about his childhood and how it affected what he's done to save humanity. Read More
Its story from 2. world war and from entire story you could know the life and life stories of 4 people. Characters are: First one is Benjamin E. W. and he is 19 years old, he went to join the US army and was send to Normandie in France. He… Read More
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