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“_the truth is always there. It peeps out from behind hundreds of veils, and its gleam shines forth in all its resplendent luster _.” Read More
The short story by Herman Melville, “Bartleby, the Scrivener”, is a first person narration about a copyist who refuses to do the job he was hired for and the inability of the narrator, the scrivener’s boss, to dismiss his disruptive employee. The narrator is a “rather elderly man” who is… Read More
The X Choronicles of Raphael's Dream starts out in the city of New Orleans Louisianna! A boy is born who falls from humanity in his later years, though early! In the years around thirteen and fourteen! This fiction however must be classified so, but is also true! Not symbolicly either!… Read More
In the year 2032 a new breed of super-soldiers are made. Read More
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