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Poem / Humor

June 20, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

With Hullabaloo 22: Read More

Tags: dogs

When do you know it's over? When is enough enough? Read More

Tags: death, suicide, dogs

Poem / Poetry

June 01, 2019

Something I wrote to my new chow/lab puppy Nik-e-Tu Read More

Tags: dogs, pets, pet-lovers

A story about a dog that is told by a dog describing his life in his new family in his own words, and then in their own words of a mother, a father, and their son. A story about a family coping with a major loss in their lives, and… Read More

Tags: family, dogs, loyalty, pets

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The Booksie Classic House

This flash fiction story is about a dog chasing a mouse, unlike the classic situation of a cat chasing a mouse. Photo by on Unsplash. Words on cover by CatWriter. Read More

Tags: mouse, dogs, dog, pugs, pug

This is a memoir of the day i got my dog. Read More

Tags: memoir, dogs

'Jack & I' is about the memories I share with an angel named Jack. Read More
Downtown late is like a deserted town. Add to that a dead battery a mad girlfriend and a hot afternoon. Read More
An eventful trip that I took with an over-energetic dog. Read More

Tags: humor, dogs

Jerry has no idea who he's about to run into at the grocery store. Read More
My arms hurt to hold him - every single day, My prayers hurt missing him each night as he was by my side when I prayed, My legs hurt from missing him scratching - wanting up on my knees, My lap hurts because he's not curled up on it -… Read More
If you could only feel the paw prints He left on this heart of mine, You'd know why I have a broken heart And precious memories to last my lifetime. Read More
At twelve years old, Bo is unexpectedly promoted from child to man during this special hunting weekend in the woods of East Texas. He faces a series of tests: corralling his wayward brothers, protecting his mothers's shotgun, keeping track of his prized knife, and meeting his demanding father's expectations. He… Read More
Never again... The price of love is loss. When you open your heart to love, you also make yourself vulnerable to get hurt. But loving and facing loss beats never loving at all - every single time. For my fellow pet owners out there - who knows what it means… Read More

Tags: love, birds, dogs, cats, pets

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The Booksie Classic House

In a future where the onward march of technology sees society verging on dystopia, governments no longer treat the relationship between man and pet as sacrosanct, turning on man's best friend to combat the still undefeated scourge of cancer. Responding to the creation of factories that breed dogs only to… Read More
An old dog first looses her hearing, then her master. She deals with loneliness, abandonment and finally a new home where she meets ‘The Other Dogs.’ Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

Feel the love! Read More
One day in my life. I was the witness. A sidewalk drama Read More

Tags: life, dogs, tragedy

Every day Alyxx wakes up as a different person, somebody who dies that day. Why? She has no clue. The one normal part of her life is the fact her dog always winds up with her. Read More
Your little reader will love this heart-warming real-life story of Bel and her rescued dog Laika. You can find more free books at Bookbot: Read More
Pups in cups and pups in the rain. Even pups that have stepped out for a poop! You can find more free books at Read More
This book provide lots of opportunities to talk about the joys and responsibilities involved in owning a dog. Dogs on sand and dogs in snow. Dogs running about all over. You can find more free books at Read More
Deep thoughts on life and loss, and how we remember. Read More
The story of a young boy who makes money in a way he loves. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 30, 2018

I don't need another human being by my side. All I need, is my canine. Read More

Tags: dogs, pets, loved-ones

What if your god died? Abandonment can be lonely... Read More
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