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ANYTHING FOR A TREAT – Whenever Pixie the greyhound dog dives, she gets a treat, but the one day her handler fails to reward her, the confused beast must go to twisted lengths to get her meat. Read More
What makes the dog so special and successful in today's mainstream world. 98% of the worlds population are dog owners, the other 2% are dogs lovers. In all strata, and even since the stone age, this mammal has been man's loyal companion. But why has this come to be. Confirmation… Read More

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A story about a scared dog and how a new friend gives him the courage to face and conquer his fears. Read More

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A young nine year old girl loses her memory and her parents after being involved in a car accident. Now she is been moved from one foster home to another while still trying to adjust to her new life and find out as little as she can about her past.… Read More

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Short story abut dog named Bear Read More

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WEB OF ANIMALS! What an exciting life you will lead with the love from animals! Pets of all kinds roam this earth, and you are a luckier person to experience the love, devotion for the full life of your pet..., any kind of pet! There are so many animals we… Read More

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The Good Children is an emotional heart-warming life story of two very special dogs and their reluctant cousin Skye, as told through their eyes. Journey with them as they recount their amazing adventures and lives with their human companions, stories that will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear… Read More
It's a story of new friendships human and canine, including a greyhound, a basset hound and a stray, and a crime in 1963 Chicago. “The angel says, ‘You see, Mr. Simpson, a man, well, he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can't fool a… Read More
I learned to be patient and it paid off. Read More

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The sounds of life abound. The chirping birds, the barking dogs, the rain against the windowpane, a resonance of serenity that veils the frenzied chaos that permeates the normality and predictability of life below the starry nights and glaring light of day. Read More

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For the second time this year, I have had to put a beloved dog friend down. Here I tell my heartbreaking story of loss and why I believe God has given me a calling and how my suffering for another will be repaid. Read More

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Animals can make peculiar neighbors as well as any person can. Photo (c) Pexels Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An odd substitute teacher gives Zelia a very odd book called Vole Mhi Eliza that somehow explains how and why her enemy turned into a dog. Read More
A spin-off of Christen Boving Anderson and Eva Lee Wallberg’s “The Heroic Quest of Valiant Prince Ivandoe”, Prince Ivandog’s Epic Tales answers the question that no one asked for…what if Ivandoe and Bert were dogs? Taking place in modern-day England, Prince Ivandog, or simply Prince Ivan is a spoiled golden-retriever… Read More
Hate, bigotry, racism and prejudice was always here. It never went away. It was just hiding behind closed doors, inside ordinary houses, in All-American neighborhoods, and beneath the waving flag of liberty. Hate, bigotry, racism and prejudice gathered every Sunday across America in churches, cathedrals and houses of worship of… Read More
Roger and Dodger are partners in crime. They live next door to each other on a tree lined street. They have eight legs, two noses, and two tails between them. They know everything that goes on in their local animal community. They are the dog detectives. Read More
The story of a man trying to re-enter society. Read More

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These short stories are about the things I have done and what I have learned from each incident as a how to for someone else. Read More

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I was inspired by the Pink Floyd album, Animals in writing this as well as recent events in a way. It also ties in with my recent poem "Dogs on the Hill". I hope you enjoy this poem and will let me know what you think as well as check… Read More

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Not all dog-sitting goes well. Sometimes there are difficulties. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Today, I saw a Magpie, with dark blue wings, dark blue tail and a black head. Sitting on an old tree outside our house, staring right at our window. The magpie’s head was tilting left and right, trying to look cute. But I’m no fool for that. Of course, we… Read More

Poem / Humor

February 04, 2021

Matt adventures.. Read More

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A Cat that wanted his owner to get married Read More

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Craig felt really low, didn't know what to do. But sometimes the phrase rescue dog has another meaning. Read More

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There's not always one answer to a problem, and sometimes all you need is to not be alone. Read More

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September 26, 2020

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Friends who live a few blocks away had two dogs. This morning, one of them had to be put to sleep Read More

Poem / Humor

August 31, 2020

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With Hullabaloo 22 Read More

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