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Mere observation with a new pair of glasses Read More
We nearly all of us would like to believe that we will go to heaven. And if we have a dog or a cat, we hope our dog or cat will go to heaven too. Finding Shamoo is the story of Pat Conway and his dog Shamoo, a black and… Read More
Genevieve, an aging but generally feisty, white Maltese has a nightmare which mimics the contemporary hominid world, as depicted on main stream social media. Perhaps she’s been spending too much time on the computer, or perhaps the nonsense which has been plaguing Hominidville has found its way into her idyllic… Read More
Genevieve, an ageing and pretty white Maltese is visited by magical Sunshine, the kitten. She then finds that Dillon, the Irish setter love of her life, is nonchalantly sitting in her kitchen. Up until then, she thought that he had died decades prior in a war into which he was… Read More
Pacific Lane has had an unusually large amount of snow this winter. Its weight caused part of Tardiff and Lenta’s roof to collapse. Genevieve, an aging white Maltese, and Willy, a handy dachshund, try to help. Gizmo gets his greatest Christmas wish. He has gotten the video game and paraphernalia… Read More
Genevieve, an aging white Maltese continues to be curious. It seems as if two dogs who appeared to be one thing, were not that at all. As they were selflessly helpful, Genevieve wants to find and properly thank them. She enlists the companionship of Pablo, a recently physically transformed book… Read More
The first crime ever was committed in idyllic Poochville. The theft took place on Pacific Lane, just two doors away from Genevieve’s house. The two Scottish Terrier authorities have been baffled; while peddlers and aspiring politicians seek to capitalize on the “opportunity.” So, Genevieve an aging white Maltese performs her… Read More

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Archie, is a Golden Retriever, his Owner exercises him, and feeds him well, but something is missing from both the Owner's and the Dog's lives. A wrong turn while on their way home, leads the two to what they were missing. Read More
When the Group returns to their Hostel, after the unsuccessful adventure at the 'Enemy Party's' Headquarters, they refuse to give Winter, and the Alsatian their share of food. Teasing them, and reminding them of their failure, the Group soon leaves Winter, and the Alsatian, distraught. Yet, despite the rest of… Read More
In this story, the next released in the series about the Alsatian, and his Owner, the sympathetic but complex Winter. Here, Winter's group, lead by Felix, take on the role of spies. Using the Alsatian's innate sense of smell, they follow the 'Enemy Party members' back to their headquarters, and… Read More
It was magical to witness... Read More

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Bernie, our beagle, came into our lives two years ago. Read More

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The tragic loss of a best friend. Read More

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I wrote this poem as a protest to the Islamic regime in Iran. As you can see, it gives an eastern medieval vibe. That’s because I used the style and several verses of Saif Farghani, an Iranian poet from the 14th century. Since this is a translation of the original… Read More

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Short Story / Horror

November 27, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

A boy and a stray dog go to look for a girl. Dedicated to Koda, the best dog ever. Read More

Tags: dogs, dystopian

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The Booksie Classic House

The most embarrassing day I ever spent with my dog! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Smartest dog in the world shares its views. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

On his birthday, a depressed man meets a lovely stranger who helps restore the meaning to his life. Read More
What makes the dog so special and successful in today's mainstream world. 98% of the worlds population are dog owners, the other 2% are dogs lovers. In all strata, and even since the stone age, this mammal has been man's loyal companion. But why has this come to be. Confirmation… Read More

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A story about a scared dog and how a new friend gives him the courage to face and conquer his fears. Read More

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A young nine year old girl loses her memory and her parents after being involved in a car accident. Now she is been moved from one foster home to another while still trying to adjust to her new life and find out as little as she can about her past.… Read More

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Short story abut dog named Bear Read More

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Short article on keeping dogs happy and healthy, Read More
WEB OF ANIMALS! What an exciting life you will lead with the love from animals! Pets of all kinds roam this earth, and you are a luckier person to experience the love, devotion for the full life of your pet..., any kind of pet! There are so many animals we… Read More

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The Good Children is an emotional heart-warming life story of two very special dogs and their reluctant cousin Skye, as told through their eyes. Journey with them as they recount their amazing adventures and lives with their human companions, stories that will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear… Read More
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