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The Booksie Classic House

Here is a poem for Briannasbooks' horror contest, where we had to write a poem or short story about a given picture or title. My chosen title was "The Doll". I hope you enjoy! :) Read More
A woman and her dolly deals with some busy-bodies. Alright, so, this is a pretty light horror. I mean, I'm not even 100% it belongs in this genre, but here goes! Read More
OM is a talk show on which celebrities were interviewed by a talk show host SIR.A fictional character 'Chinnamma' was interviewed by SIR. Read More
For anyone who may not have grown up in Tennessee, a Jar Fly, may be foreign to you, but, for me, a native southern man, the sound of it makes perfect sense. And, to add Dolly Parton's song, "My Tennessee Mountain Home", it all comes together to take one back… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Crystal Knight and Landon Parks absolutely HATE each other. Ever since they were babies, they took one look at each other and cried their heads off. Their parents being best friends did NOT help their all-hate relationship. The fact that they lived right next to each other made matters worse.… Read More
Character Pictures for my novel, "Don't Cross This Line". :D Read More
The copy of a dictionary i started with all of my sayings that i was using at that time - reading it back i had included the latin meaning (i dont know latin so im assuming at the time it was loza-latin) or pronunciation. I have copied it exactely from… Read More
Ok so you want to be a Air Hostess? Do you dream of dating fit pilots, fit passangers of the layovers in exotic destinations? Living the High Life of the Glitz and Glam and the perks of the job? Think Again Make a date with rubber gloves, gash bags and… Read More

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January 30, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

The only one that cares about you and will always be there.. What if that person left? What if you ended up alone and had no one to talk to or comfort you when you were upset? This is mainly what it's about. Sorry for any typos or misspellings. :) Read More

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