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November 22, 2012

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"But gravity hurts you made it so sweet, til I woke up on-on the concrete...." Anna knows exactly how that feels. Her boyfriend just cheated on not with some whore, but with her best friend Danielle. Can she keep it together before she fucking loses her mind from greif,… Read More
This is a preview of my last Vampire Heart story, I thought I'd post it, please read and enjoy! Read More
It's the sequel to Vampire Heart!! It is set three months later and it answers the question on if Rehannah is pregnant or not and you'll read more on Rehannah's father and the mysterious Angel Knights and there is guarented humour in this so please read. Read More
Scarrock is an island off the coast of paradise city and it is home to vampires and angels and they are not allowed to make contact with each other whatsoever but Domonic Sarrack the vampire prince of the vampire settlement Vamlore falls in love with Rehannah Skyla the angel princess… Read More
it is the unfinshed epilouge of vampire heart and it's sequel called Vampires Vs Lycans which i haven't started yet Read More
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