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In celebration of ten years having passed since the first episode of The Donahues was completed, we check up on our favorite dysfunctional family. Ryan and Catherine consider leaving California. Ethan must fend off a brewing scandal and an increasingly jealous wife. Jacob and Renee deal with financial troubles. Madeline… Read More
Ryan, Ethan, Madeline, Jacob, Kimberly, Rob and the rest of The Donahues gang ring in the new decade. Read More
In this web-exclusive mini-series, we examine periods of the Donahues' past. In 1993, Kimberly starts her first day at Plenica Publishing and meets her creepy boss. Ethan gives Councilman Sarandon advice on his new crime bill. Read More
Ryan Donahue's Big Day has finally come- he's graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Music Degree. He has grand plans to move to Los Angeles and start his music career. But suddenly, he's arrested and tried for the murder of Ashton Delay. How will the Jury come down on his… Read More
The Donahues is not back! Not permanently anyway. We check up on how our characters are doing almost ten months after the show ended. Happy New Years everyone! Read More
On the series finale of The Donahues, Ryan & Green Museum travel to Chicago for the Bloodfist Battle For The Soul of American Metal, Jacob and Renzi are sent on an important mission to police the Taliban, and Kimberly tries to find dates after her divorce with Luke is… Read More
Ethan continually lands Chairman Sloane in a tough spot, and Chairman Sloane seeks revenge. Ryan and Clarissa explore their relationship in unprecedented ways. Madeline picks Peter up from prison, and he asks her a stunning question. Read More
Jennifer finds out she’s pregnant, and Ethan has the arduous job of convincing her to keep it, Rob tries to revitalize his career through a job at HQ Trivia, and Ryan, Alec & Tara bring their band to the Regional Battle of The Bands in Boston. Read More
Kimberly begins to notice signs of dementia in her father Joseph, who seems to think she’s still married to Ethan, even as she works out a divorce with Luke. An activist tries to find women who are willing to lambast Robert Altmire in the media for sexual harassment, but… Read More
Ryan and Sarah go to Brennan's New Year's 2018 Party, but Ryan ends up having different plans, Madeline visits Peter in prison and then gets ogled at a New Year's Party by men who think her relationship is over, and Kimberly must find a way to terminate Luke after… Read More
Ryan tries to find a Christmas gift for his crush while maintaining his existing relationship with Sarah, Sarah visits her biological father to figure out her relationship issues, and Jacob gets annoyed when Ethan uses him as a prop at his Christmas Party. Read More
Ryan goes out drinking after a stressful day and makes some serious mistakes, Mayor Satch tries to reassert power in his personal and professional life as he begins losing it, and Jacob finds out he is re-deploying to Afghanistan in January. Read More
Co-workers are Ryan's new coffee shop job accuse Ryan of becoming a hipster, and he must determine whether he truly is or not, Ethan lords a potential party switch over the Mayor and the rest of the City Council, and Trey and Colleen move to Los Angeles to make… Read More
Luke attempts to work things out with Kimberly during legal separation negotiations, but Kimberly is unsure. Alan dates a suspected racist, against Ryan's advice, and Madeline joins the HOA and has to deal with Peter's neighborhood watch shenanigans. Read More
Ethan urges the City Council to require Hansbay High teachers to work menial jobs over summer break, Ryan attempts to escape from Germany while Ashton works to secure investment in his brothel, and Jacob is dismayed by Shinebox employees hitting on his wife. Read More
Ryan and Ashton find themselves in the same Japanese jail cell, and they discuss how exactly they got into, and how exactly they plan to get out of, this jam Read More
Jacob has to find a way to protect himself while making deliveries, Ryan encounters new obstacles while drug-dealing solo in Tokyo and Ethan heads to Los Angeles to escape the wrath of Luke and to fund-raise and network, but he is unpleasantly surprised by one of the attendees Read More
Ethan becomes paranoid about Trump sending goons to follow him, and ends up missing Hansbay's Independence Day celebration over it. Kimberly turns fifty, but Luke becomes suspicious about her relationship with Ethan. Ryan and Sarah go camping Japan's Suicide Forest, and learn to appreciate life more Read More
Jacob discovers the plight of the common Townie while working at Shinebox pizza, and elects to try to avoid its entrapments. Ryan is amazed to see his former bandmates, now in a band called “Hallway Depravity”, performing on a Japanese talk show. He seeks to form his own band to… Read More
Ryan and Sarah conspire to destroy Ashton to free themselves, Jacob gets a job at a pizza place, Kimberly and Luke spar over where they should move, and Ethan becomes weak after enduring his father's funeral Read More
Leonard tries to re-connect with his son Ethan, as Ethan attempts to win back Anella's affections, Ryan befriends two of his clients and plans to conspire against Ashton with them, and Jacob becomes concerned he has little in common with his two-year old son during a visit to a water… Read More
In the first ever Donahues movie, Sarah goes missing without a trace! And Ryan takes it into his own hands to go and find her. Meanwhile, Ethan is trying desperately to re-connect with his aloof son. Read More
Jacob Donahue returns from Afghanistan, and pops the question to Renee, Mayor Satch urges Ethan to repeal the limits on his power, but Ethan secretly undermines the repeal efforts and Ryan is determined to locate a couple he recognizes on Instagram Read More
Ryan and Catherine, sick of the status quo, experiment with homelessness. Jacob and Renzi are sent to rescue Sheila Woods after a new tip as to her whereabouts and Madeline grows wary of Peter's newfound responsibility Read More
As Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Ethan Donahue and Irville Satch are sworn in as city councilman and Hansbay Mayor respectively, and Mayor Satch must learn how to balance his campaign promises with political reality. Ryan and Depraved Hallway Fern hire… Read More
As 2017 begins, Ryan increasingly fears becoming like his father. Renee calls upon Ethan to babysit his grandson Kyle, and Ethan becomes introspective about his parenting skills. Madeline develops a crush on a new employee at the cryotherapy clinic, but nobody can understand why Read More
Ethan, Fiona and Anella's agreement puts them in an awkward position come Christmas time, and Ryan gets bad news which ruins his already miserable Christmas. Read More
Mayor-elect Satch is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of transition to the Mayor’s office. Sarah is determined to undermine her stepfather’s new administration. Ryan fears that Terrence and him might be related after his Uncle recognizes him at Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Kimberly tries to gain a reputation for philanthropy but gains a… Read More
Ryan takes Terrence to Hansbay to meet his friends, but clowns terrorize Hansbay while they are there. Ethan fights to keep control of the narrative of the upcoming City Council election while fearing his recent ex-wife Fiona will come and hurt him Read More
Ryan tries to go find Zachary’s ex, but once he finds him, he realizes he wants him. Jacob, Renzi and Sheila run into trouble once Sheila tries to seduce Afghani villagers and Ethan needs to downplay his latest controversy whilst deciding between Fiona and Anella Read More
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