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In search of yesterday, tomorrow and the truth of...... Read More
draven dash continues to contact earth through the silver elf Read More
Soaring magesticaly into fantasy Read More
Junker is off on another fantastic adventure into fantasy land. Don't miss it Read More
Described by some dictionaries. NARCOLEPSY: A condition characterized by brief attacks of deep sleep often occurring with cataplexy and hypnagogic hallucinations. The problem with this description is those so called hypnagogic hallucinations are not hallucinations at all. They are journeys into the most incredible alternate dimensions of reality far… Read More
a question unanswered is a haunting for life Read More
The last thing I remember was a sharp, excruciating pain in the back of my head that shot downward all the way to my feet, rattling my toes. Then the lights went out! When I came to, I found myself lying face down in a thick puddle of gunk… Read More
Read on, read on and follow the clues Read More
There may be no place left for the likes of me in a world of reality where fiction abounds. Read More
“Yes….Maybe I will dare.” Timothy cheered. “And I dare you Mr. Cavalier…if you have the courage?” “Sometimes Mr. Mundanie…..What looks like courage is stupidity. However…if you chose to be stupid then I must follow and try to keep you from something totally disastrous.” Read More
I emerged from the forest into my own back yard. My home was abandoned and broken and my family was gone. My arbor and gardens were over grown and had been for years…yet I had not aged a day. In fact I had only been away for……..well….. Read More
How does one begin a story such as this? The answer of course is simple. This is a… Once Upon A Time story So. Once upon a time….. when trains were driven by steam…. there lived a rather eccentric traveller named Ulises Harlequin Emrys whom introduced himself as such and… Read More
Breakfast at 8 am. Victoria, Larry and Laura-Anne met in the dinning room for the first serving two minutes before the hour. James, according to Laura-Anne, had gone off early as usual, “Probably to see that young woman.” She suffered. “Well we can get started and I am sure he… Read More
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