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Power and ruse determine who stay in power. But when a donkey is the means, does sanity align reason to stay in power via sanctity? Read More
Donkeys have for a long time been pack animals in Africa. Read More

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A fictional short story about the birth of Christ, the shepherds, Mary and Joseph and the animals. Read More

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Sometimes when you buy an animal you just never know what you're going to end up with. Read More
A talking tree makes bargains, grants wishes, and meets all sorts of people in doing so. But it is what happens after those meetings that counts. Read More
A story about a wishing tree, a donkey, and something that isn't free. Read More
Apple Annie is a delightful little donkey that was born and lives at Brayfields Miniature Donkey farm. Read More
Firewall on the computer protects it from viruses. A firewall around emotions protects human wellbeing. How to built a firewall around emotions? Read More
Curry is integrel part of Indian cooking. A curry ain't curry without curry leaves. Few Indians like Juggernaut even resort to stealing curry leaves to satisfy their curry taste. Read More
Pople who cannot afford lodging can stay for free on a farm. In return they work and contribute to the compost making. Roy the resident donkey is the sole provider of dung and yet its contribution was not apprecited until Juggernaut decides to intervene. Read More
A bratty young spoiled prince in the mid 1300's is transformed into a donkey until he can find someone to love him. Read More
“I look incredibly handsome today,” prince Charming observed, “though I say it.” “You're completely right, sweetie!” the mirror cooed as a response, “I could eat you up!” A fairytale parody. Prepare to perish from laughter. *MUAHAHAHH* (Okay, I know, it's totally lame humor xD) Read More
A man walks across a beach. His feet plunge noiselessly into the sand. Read More
A poem about being free Read More
“Me, a donkey the symbol for a major political party?” “I am not even native to this land,” “It is like a foreign born becoming the President of this country,” pondered Jack, a donkey on the main land. “Well, donkey, in the land of immigrants, the donkeys and the elephants,… Read More
The heart-wrenching tale of a girl who was not insane, just simply misunderstood. Read More
I love poker. One day I jotted down this little limerick. Read More

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Daisy's Gift is the story of a donkey who because she was different was unwanted by people and made fun of by all the other donkeys. Until one day everything changes. . . . NOTE: I wrote this to be a story for children however I believe it could be… Read More
Appreciation for an ugly lawn ornament proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Read More
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