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Book / Gay and Lesbian

October 08, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

When you see another look of you, you die. Many have seen someone who looks just like them, yet something is off. The shape of the nose. The color of the eyes. You feel like you're looking at a clone of yourself in a mirror. However, that means your time… Read More
This is the first draft of Shift-Shape. Shift-Shape is a idea I have for a kids animated show. The story revolves around Derek J. Thompson who attends a shape shifter academy. Right now I'm working on turning it into a graphic novel. The picture is of the cover. Read More
Shannon Haley finally did it. She released her doppelganger, Depra, out of her body. But Depra has created an army of monsters in order to either kill Shannon or bring her back to Depra so she can reenter Shannon's body. Shannon is now on the run from Depra with a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This book brings the reader to a journey of Leroy as he go through his unusual sixteenth birthday. See how he reacts when he knows that he is a sorcerer. He could suddenly levitate books, met a sorcerer friend, seeing palm sized humans and meet mythical creatures such as vampires,… Read More
They say that your death is near when you see an exact copy of yourself. Well, what would you do if you saw one? Or two? Or an entire room full of them? Read More
COMPLETED - A year after the tragic plane crash that killed their parents, 17 year old Evangeline and her brother Aaron -both surivors of the crash- try to move on with their lives. As a new school year begins Evangeline sets out to reconnect with everyone and everything that she… Read More

Book / Horror

September 06, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

WHAT IS THIS A STORY OF, you ask? Many, many things. Some tragic-- abuse hate sorrow death deceit. Some full of magic-- romance happiness sanctuary friendship trust. BUT. Some are incomprehendable----- Supernatural talents. Quarantine. Destruction. Fate. Heaven. Hell. Rejuvenation. Love. TEENS. But mostly, this is a tale of Light vs.… Read More
The old church had stood there, on the corner, for more than a hundred years. An odd bastion of Gothic architecture in the middle of a not-quite modern downtown, it brooded, not quite sane. It was a landmark of the city's past, and protected as such from the hungry bulldozers… Read More
This poem is just an exaggeration of how I'm usually targeted by doppelgangers. These all happened on separate nights, even years apart, but it's still strange how much I'm targeted by these shadow beings... Read More
replacement of people by plant based organisms Read More
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