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For my mother... Read More
Being in the know that life is a cycle and everthing is always in constant motion , to stop, to exsist in the moment of nothingness with no purpose or will.. Will that be the moment of Now Read More

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June 20, 2013

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Chiron Moon In Due Time The Mark is Met Luna Looms in Aquas Dominion. Goal to Goal Flowing Oceania Neptune too soon learns the Fate awaiting Tempered Thors Hammer Beelzebubs Gluttonous Lord of the Flies Death and Ressurection Seasons of the Hunt sessions unrelenting as Such these are the moments… Read More
A poem about what might run through an atheist's mind. Or even a believer's mind who's beginning to doubt. I'm an atheist myself, and these thoughts don't cross my mind, so the point of view is really up in the air to however you see fit. It just popped into… Read More
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