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Posting this as a work-in-progress. I plan to make another version soon, likely to give it better flow, or something sensible. Read More
This story follows a young woman called Taylor who resides in England in the modern day. You will discover that Taylor has a burden that she bears daily however it's one that never gets spoken about. Read More
A couple of years ago, Emma Watsons fell stupidly in love with a boy who didn’t really notice her and, obviously, wrecked her heart. She continued on with her life, occasionally being reminded of her little puppy love. But when Tae, who was a living, breathing replica of the boy… Read More
Lydia, the draft mare has been left behind at the feed lot. She is desperately ill and only a miracle will save the life of her and her unborn foal. Read More
Fred Rivera has a powerful story of the Vietnam War, racism, and PTSD that needs to be shared with the world. As I am an ardent fan, I got his permission to submit the book in chapter form. Direct purchase available. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Just found this while perusing an old notepad. Extremely rough first draft Read More
Fred Rivera has a powerful story of the Vietnam war, racism, and PTSD that needs to be shared with the world. As I am an ardent fan, I got his permission to submit the book in chapter form. Direct purchase available. Read More
This is just a draft from something i wrote. It's not really going anywhere yet. It probably looks like a young adult utopian romance right now. It's about world without oxygen floating freely in the air. And yeah, the first lines are a badly written cliché..it will be better, i… Read More
An old draft of an experimental short story. Read More

Tags: horror, draft

This is a short work dealing with perception. It may still need some work let me know if you think anything should be changed. Read More
In a post dystopian rapture world, a new society must learn to live with tragedy and so it's lovers Read More
A list of things that make up a fake church Read More
Here is the first character draft of the 9, of our great gang leader, Yung-Dragon or "The Dragon"! In reference to his build images can be found on my blog for my co-chum. other than that any questions can also be answered on my blog. Blog - BreenPeen.tumblr.com Have a… Read More
The early stages of my book series "The Writer's Academy", which is based off of the series "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Noah is unique: she's a wielder. Wielders are those who can manipulate one of the three phases of matter. Noah can manipulate the liquid state. During her second year of college, Noah finally gets with the guy she's been crushing on for so long, Liam. But everything is cut short… Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 24, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

I was originally going to submit this in a poetry entry for a scholarship, but then I wrote some others that replaced this one. This one is very vague but very symbolic. What does it mean, you think? Read More
This is a draft of a story im working on please leave feedback Haru was visited by a demon needing him for a tournament for the throne of hell he is quickly dragged of too war and bloodshed Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote a plot outline in english class for a fantasy book. What do you think? Is it worth making a story out of? Read More
A short story about a short person Read More
This is merely a raw draft i have written and would like to share (mostly with my dear friend Amy Wong). Read More
Readers can obtained Draft letters through this post Read More
Four ordinary Children all looking forward to Christmas day with their family. White snow, house filled with presents and gifts from Santa and a Christmas tree the size of a rollercoaster, what more could you possibly ask for? Not enough according to Louise Smith. Louise Smith is a young girl… Read More
YAY!Another exam! "-__- Fortunately, writing it out on Booksie helps me to remember it for the exam =) BTW This is an exam draft in the early stages WILL IMPROVE P.S- I have a crumb stuck underneath my shift key so if I miss out any capital letters, you know.… Read More
This is the updated version of my Exam draft. For an extended summary see English GCSE Draft- Toy shop Description. Thanks for reading :D Once again I must say I'm not aloud to bring anything into the exam so this is purely a draft which I will attempt to memorise Read More
For GCSE, I have to write a piece of Descriptive writing about a Toy Shop; This will be a rough draft. Feel free to comment on how I can improve. (My Exam will be about 2 days after This is published so- HURRY WITH THE COMMENTS) In the Exam, I'm… Read More
Today, we get off to celebrate the troops that fought for us.. ^-^ It's just the eyes and memories of a solder. Read More
Colleen Carlyle is a nineteen year old who was orphaned at a young age and must live on her own in the near future of 2029. When she is pulled into the aftermath of a war erased from history by a powerful telepath, she discovers that she bears a striking… Read More
This is a rough draft of a prologue of a book I may or may not finish, and it doesn't have a title yet. I have never taken a writing class and this is honestly the first "creative" thing I have written. I'm looking for constructive criticism so I can… Read More
A draft of a one-woman show I'm currently writing. Beware: mistakes and missing content abound! Read More
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