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November 11, 2017

it is about a 35 year old man his children, his divorce and how it all happened through flashbacks. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Short Story, Tragedy Themes: Children, Familial Love, Illness Rating: PG (Might be depressing) Type: Short Story, Complete A short story I wrote in 2015, about the friendship and bond between an older sister and her sickly younger brother. It was supposed to be only two pages long,… Read More
A man is writing to someone after his therapist tells him it might help him get over the deaths of his son and wife. Drama/dark comedy. Read More
A journey through the heart wrenching yet beautiful world of theater through the eyes of a girl who no one believed would come out alive. *Contains some adult language. Read at your own risk* Read More
This is the first few pages of a book I may continue writing, may not. Depending on the reviews I get, I will post everyday. Read More
5-8 of That's Why They Call It 'Drama Club', Whispering, Sex Ed, My Fair Baby, and V is for Virginity. Some musicals and songs are My Fair Lady, The Song of Purple Summer, Don't Do Sadness, and my own mash-up of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Teenage Dream. Note: The… Read More
Episode 1-4 of That's Why They Call It Drama Club, Pilot, The Audition, Hot Woman, and Shue Awakening. Some songs and musicals include Spring Awakening, A Little Fall of Rain, Les Miserables, Collide, and more. Read More
These are episode summaries from a TV show I made up. I hope you like it. Read More

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August 19, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Lacey's step-father's new job lands her in a small town in New Hampshire where she meets the mysterious, and sometimes a little intimidating Gauge. She finds herself questioning her sanity on a daily basis as she tries to live a normal life and just fit in... but it seems as… Read More
Years have passed since the Greek gods have ruled this world. Now they simply roam the land trying to live mortal lives. Eros the god of love, lust, beauty and intercourse has developed a social anxiety fear, which forces him to lock himself up in his home. There he is… Read More
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