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A girl dream unknown human that almost killed her cousin but was saved by her. Read More

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As a young boy of 15, living in a valley bordering Mexico, I was coming of age. I was adventurous and curious, like most other boys by age back then. It was the era of rock and roll, Friday night football, and cruising down main street with your buddies. Read More
Is there a truth, or just a derivation of my mind. I am not sure, but I know that she is always there.... Read More

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Years of brooding anticipation now greeted with awkward acceptance of the finality of my presence in a dream begun before I ever came to be. How I hunger to understand the reason why. How I long to see beyond the days that lay ahead, long after I am gone. It… Read More
A poem about living in a dream world that is totally the opposite of the current world we live in. Read More
How do you heal a broken heart? How do you mend a shattered dream or restore a fractured soul? Read More
To walk on water or through the flames of hell, the path that one must take to reach the promised land does not deter the frail of heart, the young, the old, or the meek, who seek to breathe free, feel free, and live free. Read More

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Some abusive guys get the tables turned on them. Read More
I have learned to well how each moment in time is unique, exceptional and irreplaceable. I have discovered through life’s struggles and the many lessors taught and learned, that we are the creators of each moment that we live, and that we should live each moment as a masterpiece of… Read More

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Have you ever had that “déjà vu” feeling – that psychic experience of remembering something you've experienced before? Well, that was my experience at Stonehenge on that cold, windy day. I felt a chill penetrate me because I was at a place and in moment I had visualized and fantasized… Read More
We live in a world filled with daily challenges and obstacles. We exist in competition and at times even opposition with the Jones and the Smiths and the Reyes and Garcias, and the list goes on and on, endless and persistent. Read More
I used to open my windows in the morning, look out into an awakening day, and I used to see the promise that awaited me. I used to feel a sense of purpose, and I used to relish reaching out to try to grasp the golden ring. Those were the… Read More
Shadows and images in my mind recede sometime before the dawn. Sometime before the first flicker of the morning light I regain the consciousness of life that was suspended while I slept and lived among the shadows of my mind. Read More

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We all see and feel the malignancy that is spreading across America. Many of us are appalled by the fixation and fascination by many with the social and political cancer that has invaded the American body and spirit. Read More
After saving Gylea kingdom, Alice Maro returns to her village and take a rest as soon as she arrived at her tent. She has a dream standing in front of a haunted circus and after waking up from her strange dream, a black portal appears behind her and pulls her… Read More
he story tells about Amy who lived with her estranged sister, Erta. She tried to discover the source of the strange phenomenon that happen on Earth. No sun shine in the sky, sky gets darker in every passing day. That day was the celebration of New Year festival, Amy noticed… Read More
A long time author finds a way to enter the world of fairy tales, until her desire becomes addiction and... Read More
Scar on hands and blue eyes Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Pulp philosophy about talking to inner-self in the middle of the night. Spiced up with a pinch of mystery, the story reveals the dialogue that has never happened and the thoughts that have never been thought about. Read More
A quick weekend short for review chain's contest. Read More
Parental guidance advised. Wesley's older sister Kate loves creating stories for her younger brother and shares an inseparable bond. Through a cruel twist of fate, life as they know it will forever change. But between reality and Kate's dreamworld, there's a connection that can never be broken. Read More
Your author recounts the strange dream she had last night Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A mysterious adventure in a land made of candy leads to personal growth and life lessons. Do you want to live in Candyland? Would it be a dream come true or a nightmare? Intro Video: https://youtu.be/-YINi2oKjXc Read More
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