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A woman, Mary Henry, and her friend, drag race some men. After Mary dies, she sees the dead. As she sees a strange man, who is linked to the carnival, she thinks everything is like a dream. Read More
In 1984, sixteen year old Nancy Thompson, and her friends, have the same nightmare, that of the burned killer Fred Krueger, who died in the Boiler Room by their parents the previous decade. Is he dead, or still alive? The novel of the Wes Craven horror classic. Read More

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June 12, 2021

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The night brings me the dreams that let me escape into nothingness. To a place that no one knows and where no one can follow me. To a place where time does not exist, and where I can be anyone or anything. I can be a gust of wind on… Read More
A poem about the effects of a lifestyle change and the possibilities and hidden realities it brings with it. Read More
An Oneironaut is a term sometimes used for those who lucidly dream. Towers, space ships, old houses, spiders and severed heads populate this tale of noire successions. All of the characters are me, all of the female characters represent Mother Earth. Read More
Darkening clouds avenge the disharmony and distrust that has polluted the landscape of the land of the brave and the free. The morning rays of sun no longer shine on the shores of freedom’s gate. And dreams no longer stimulate or motivate the sons of patriots past. Read More
It is when dreams begin to fade and memories fail to reappear, that life begins to lose the passion and the ecstasy that fuels the human heart. Read More
I have walked upon a field of dreams and felt the tranquility of silence and of reverence, in a place beyond the rainbow, where skies are blue and where dreams remain forever. Read More
There was a time and place not long ago where once dreams lived and thrived. A place guarded by the vigilance of sacrificed lives, abandoned innocence and shattered dreams. A place where fields of stone and seas of tears defy the sorrow and the pain to keep alive the spirit… Read More
Dreams defeat the awful night Where nothing decent can survive, And surely nothing good can thrive On this awful, horrid night! Read More
Dreams are answers to questions That no-one even dares ask Questions best left unanswered Of terrors that lurk in the dark. Read More
Before the beginning of time there were dreams that blew across the firmament of all that was. It was when dreams were fragments of unformed souls seeking refuge from the expanse of time and the whirlwinds of destinies that filled the heavens and the void beyond. Read More
How I remember the days of high school crushes and childish obsessions and fascinations. How many times growing up did my heart betray me? How many times did I hide behind a broken heart? How many dreams did I dream of my unrequited love? And how many of my secret… Read More
We sit in anticipation and with great expectation, as the days and the seasons pass us by. We watch with apprehension and captured trepidation as the minutes and the hours tick away the vestiges of time that was, and as it reveals the budding dreams untouched by the hands of… Read More
Creatures from the land of dreams Invading the land of the living, Nightmare creatures come to life Grotesquely foul beings. Read More
A gentle breeze betrays the harshness of the escaping day, as I begin to see approaching shadows overtake the fracturing twilight scurrying into the recesses of abandoned time. Read More
There lies a valley beyond the river, where promises of riches and of treasures lures dreamers and pioneers to cross the shallow muddied waters to plush green pastures and virgin fields. It is like honey to a bumble bee. There lies a place beyond the river, with the allure of… Read More
There is a child that lives within each of us. A child that has eluded the passage of time and of the seasons. A child that seeks the warmth of affection and the gentleness of a caring touch. Read More

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America is a garden of good and evil. A place where dreams are born, and a place where hope abounds. Read More

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The setting sun reflects its dimming brilliance on the meandering and flowing waters of the Rio Grande. It is the sunset that illuminates the beauty and tranquility of the gentle current that softly prods the nectar that nourishes the richness of the Valley beyond the river’s edge Read More
Sometimes a single tear can stir awake a silenced dream, and bring back to life the shattered dreams of those who no longer share the days nor the seasons of our lives. Read More
We are but stardust in the vastness of time and space. We are the imperfections of discarded dreams that lie beyond the realm of all that will ever be. Read More
So long ago, when I was young. When I still had innocence in my soul. I saw the face of war up close, and it destroyed the boy in me, and the dreams once dreamt that burned inside of me. Read More
My heart belies the many seasons of my life. Each passing interlude a symphony of sounds and of colors, of memories and emotions, and of reflections of each moment of a lifetime shared and a lifetime lived. Read More
Somewhere in time – somewhere between the first breath of our life and the last gasp of our being, we experience that one moment that defines our existence. Read More
Once, the spirit was young and free as the wind. Once, dreams ignited the passion of the heart. And once, the soul embraced the beauty and the splendor of the endless fields and grazing pastures that graced the river’s edge. Read More
There was always hope. There was always an expectation. There was always optimism. This was what kept the dreams alive. Read More

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I dreamt I was a child the other night. A brown skinned boy of four or five. My clothes were ragged and my hair uncombed. My shoes where too big for my little feet, and my ears too large for my little head. Read More
How many dreams have I had in my lifetime? How many dreams have become my reality and my truth? How many dreams did I dream and didn’t know they were dreams? Where does my dream end and my life begin? Read More
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