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It's been roughly thirteen years after Zanbongfar's defeat. Zan and Ayumi now have four children. Though the three youngest children have began to manifest abilities, Sanziri, the first born manifests no abilities. His siblings try to cheer him up but unbeknownst to them, he is not depressed and has been… Read More
Contains a list of profiles and abilities of multiple characters from various stories I have written including Legend Of The Jo-lan and Dreamwweaver Characters. Read More
Zan speaks with the Nightmare King about his roots and regains a sense of calm. He is confronted by Zanfar once more and Zanfar reveals that the Princess Of Dreams is actually alive within Zanfar. Zanfar demands that Zan brings the elemental stones in exchange for his mother's freedom. Zan… Read More
The truth about Wanye's death has finally come to light. Zan's heart is filled with malice; this malice manifests as a curse that threatens to destroy Ayumi; the Chaotic Resonance. Zanfar, knowing well the nature of human beings has guided everything from the shadows; even the name 'Dreamweaver' was originally… Read More
Ai is finally confronted by the Fifth Soul Of Evil, Decay. Prince Asante, Zan's close stikomik loving friend is forced to face memories he'd rather forget. Ryuuji Kirisawa finally learns of the true significance of Zanfar's terror and of the force known as 'The Deplorable Dream'. The lives of Ryuuji… Read More
Christmas arrives and the Kirisawas organize a party with the Dream Knights to celebrate the discovery of half of the elemental stones of sealing. however, an uninvited guest shows up and he's hell bent on proving the "Timelessness Of Love" wrong. Read More
Void Wars is a small collection of tales surrounding The Void and of the creatures and characters inhabiting this Void and the Dreamlands. Read More
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