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Harper Kanton's sister has just left for college, making her last year of high school extra challenging. As she tries to keep up with college applications and homework, she finds herself wandering down a dark path. Hopefully she doesn't spiral too far, or nothing can save her Read More
A short story about a miserable heroin addict, drug abuser, and alcoholic. In a moment of clarity he the world is not what it seems. Mockingly he refers to the Ramones throughout the piece, but things change. Read More
A man who is very troubled, has an imaginary best friend, and sees no point in the world. Read More
This is a blurb about my debut novel, Happy Campers, as well as the brief eighth chapter. Read More
This is an incredibly personal poem that reflects a part of my past. The content may be considered *triggering* or *adult* so please be aware of that, sweetie. Read More
Loneliness is the worst feeling anyone can have during Valentine's Day. Read More
At what point do you know your marriage is over? At what point do you decide to leave? In this story, a man loves his wife very much, but she seems to no longer love him. Yet he just can't let go. It is a touching story of lasting love,… Read More
A modern day Beauty and the Beast told in approximately 450 words. Some trigger warning for references to self harm and drug usage. But it has a happy ending, so there's that... Read More
S.A.D. (Social Anxiety Disorder) follows the tragic tale of an anxiety-ridden recluse who, after a series of tragic circumstances, is forced to leave his own home and re-enter society. However, throughout his travels, he is confronted by the dark, nightmarish true form of humanity. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

As much as I'd hate to admit it, I've attempted (in my past) to drown out the world by succumbing to pain killers. Read More
Everybody in this world wish in some way, no matter how twisted, that they can change the world. The fact of a matter is drugs and sex is so much more fun and we rather die from something as not worth it as a STD or OD than from an… Read More

Book / Romance

September 30, 2012

This story is all about body modification, underground subcultures, and lost love, of course!!! I'd like to say more, but we're still in the first chapter, and I don't wanna ruin anything!! Thanks for reading ;) Read More
Real-life metaphor for drug abuse. Read More
I am enrolled in a composition class, this is my final draft of my summary-response paper. Please feel free to comment! Read More
Gabriel Edison is a quirky and troubled actor who is spiraling uncontrollably into an uncertain darkness. His best friend, Caleb Ceretti is the only one who can help him overcome the trauma of a painful past. As they struggle through a volatile friendship, their feelings for each other finally come… Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 16, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem I wrote at the end of a long struggle. Read More
A newly single mother, Edie has a pretty serious drug problem and an increasingly slippery grip on reality. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem I wrote the other day when I was feeling a little under the weather. As always, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy! Read More
When they first met, Seth Grafton was an unruly pre-med student who didn't have a penny to his name. Chris Harvey, the son of a wealthy lawyer, fell for him instantly. But now, married with four kids, successful E.R doctor, Seth, is never home. Lonely and underappreciated, Chris makes a… Read More
Poem about a girl i was friends with, who became more than a friend, but we grew apart, due to her drug use, and anger issues, and my trust issues. We're best friends now(: Read More
After hearing about a group dubbed 'the Academy of Misfits', Andrea Thompson decides to pay them a visit. Part 1. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem that I used for a poetry challenge. You pick a song; then you write something based on the meaning behind the song. My peom is based on the song "Not Afraid" by rapper Eminem. Read More

Book / Romance

June 27, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

When its a dog eat dog world, and two teens are always at eachothers throats, how does it seem to throw them into a house, and have them live together for the whole summer until they stop fighting? It sounds, mad, deranged, and a romantic comedy all the way! Come… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Emily Carter seemed to be like everyone else in school: good grades, stayed away from the stoned people in school, and generally hated school. But, there's a secret side to Emily that no one knew about. At least, until now. Now, the one guy who shouldn't have found out, Patrick… Read More

Book / Mystery and Crime

November 08, 2009

There are those who walk through life at peace with their past for certainty in the righteousness of their actions, and there are those who run blindly into numbness for fear in the realization of how deep the venom of their vices seeps into the lives of strangers. When a… Read More
Throughout adolescence, the South Shore city coffined Riley with shards of guilt reflecting on relationship speedballs and infecting memories of a lost innocence – a past he has struggled to keep at bay. Leaving, the last miles and broken milestones begin to flash by in flashbacks and his own reality… Read More
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