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Michael is a cop . . . To be specific, he was a cop. Now his soulless body is dead in an elevator. Read More
The story has been told to everyone in the school, and yet no one knows what really happened. Read More
Craig buys some weed, but does he find more than he's bargained for? Read More
Had to write a short story for my 10th grade english honors class so I spent my weekend writing this. I like the way it came out it really fits my style which is usually hopelessness and grotesque in a way. either way hope you enjoy it :) Read More
Set in the blossoming 1959, New York City drug-dealer Ryan leads an almost double life. He works during the day, but come the night, he indulges his amphetamine-fueled habit as Mister B. Read More

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June 27, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

When its a dog eat dog world, and two teens are always at eachothers throats, how does it seem to throw them into a house, and have them live together for the whole summer until they stop fighting? It sounds, mad, deranged, and a romantic comedy all the way! Come… Read More
(This story contains graphic violence,adult themes, and subjects. Parental consent is strongly advised.This is a fictional series about events that never take place and about people that have never existed. Any representation of an actual event, person is purely coincidental in nature.)C.S. Deuces - Canal Street Crime Syndicate vividly details… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Chapter one is an introduction and teaser to the character and themes within my upcoming novel The Smileys. The events focus on four middle class college student drug dealers who are swept away into a life of crime for which they are not prepared. Read More
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