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The boy's private school near Biarritz is somewhere troubled children are shipped. Adriel is all too familiar with this notion. He has already spent one year of his primary school locked up in this prison after he came out to his parents. He'll soon realize that the institution wanted him… Read More
Catharsis, is an anthology of short stories, flash fiction and prose I have written about surviving incest. The women portrayed here are all based on people I met during my time running an organization for survivors. The names have been changed to protect those who have been victimized enough, but… Read More
Esther Longfellow was a girl struggling financially to get through college. After losing her parents at a young age, she and her brother have had it rough. Esther was always a lighthearted girl, and took everything said to her seriously. That, coupled with over-thinking could result in her demise... Read More

Book / Horror

March 17, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

The only thing Rylee has is the old, abandoned house she was left in, and video tapes that were left with her. These aren't any ordinary family home videos. They're video proof of the gruesome murders that her parents were involved in. Growing up watching these videos alone, Rylee must… Read More
My opinion about the stereotyping of a music genre. Read More
Warning for drug usage and non-descriptive sex She itched everywhere. It didn't matter how much she scratched, she still itched. Read More
I wrote this poem for my younger brother. someone I was very close to, but is now a stranger I don't even like..brutally honest and touching... Read More
A story told from the perspective of a suicidal, drug abusing Bunny. He tells about private moments in life, and some of the moments that made him the way he is. His story contains violence (both physical and mental, as well as constant self-destructive behavior), raw dialog, and bad situations… Read More
I wrote this for an English project - I got an A* for it, so I hope that it is okay. I'm not saying that drug use is right; Kayla is depressed and desperate for an escape, and I have never personally used drugs. If this bears any resemblence to… Read More

Book / Romance

June 11, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Hayley is about to say the big 'I do' but feels as if maybe she is about to marry the wrong man, so turning her thoughts to her past, she realizes when it comes to marriage should she marry what she wants or what she needs? Read More
At the tender age of 18 I met a man who I thought was the one for me. He was everything i was and everything i wanted to be or wanted to find in a lover. His freespirit and sense of adventure sent me across the country with a backpack… Read More
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