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I was sent a video, something everyone should see. Rationalise it with your personal reduction of waste. Read More
The third special episode follows on from where series 3 left off. Lily Kettle has recently asked her boyfriend Razz Kevins to marry her. Her engagement happened in a different way to how any other engagement takes place with she herself asking her boyfriend to marry her and not him… Read More
Final episode of the third series brings together everything that has happened over the course of this series. The story of both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson comes to an end and Lily Kettle is reunited with someone who she cares about in the whole wide world, more then anyone… Read More
Lily Kettle meets a brand new friend in a mysterious boy who seems to know all about her called Matthew Seed in this episode. They share out a little adventure together where they travel to the place of where he's having his work experience together, and there they find something… Read More

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The son of Poseidon God of the Sea Percy Jackson manages to escape himself from the dark forces in the 8 part of the third series. He then sets out to track down his two new allies both Lily Kettle and Harry Potter. Will he be able to find them?… Read More
The sorcerer Harry Potter begins to train up his new apprentice Lily Kettle in the dark forest. He's determined to get her up and ready to face up to her daemons. Read More
Journey under the sea in this fantastic episode with both father and son (Kyle and Razz Kevins). Explore an enchanted world hidden deep below the sea with them. Elsewhere continue to explore an enchanted world with both Tracy Beaker and Lily Kettle. Read More
Lily Kettle continues her fight against her new enemy Ryan Robertson in the grounds of Hogwarts castle. Will Lily come to learn like we ourselves learned in episode 1 of this series just what his intentions are with her? Read on to find out! Read More
Lily Kettle discovers much to her horror that she's just been kidnapped. Oh I really do hate it when that happens! She now finds herself a prisoner aboard a magical express train to a mad man. What will happen to her now? Read on to find out! Read More
leading up to the events where Lily went to meet up with Ryan at Kings Cross train station in London, she's rather worried about going to meet with him, and receives out to her boyfriend Razz on this matter, who tells her very firmly not to go and meet with… Read More
WARNING: The third series may be unsuitable for children. Who is this mysterious Ryan Robertson fella who sent the letter to Lily at the end of last episode? Brace yourself to find out just who he is? Is he a friend or a foe to Lily? Read on to find… Read More
Return to Living village at long last with both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins and read up on them having to face up to one of their greatest enemy's there. Continuing on with where series 2 left off. The ending of this special episode will make way for the start… Read More
End of second series treat as our prime characters take to entering themselves into Walt Disney's animated pixar family fun film FROZEN. Just what will both Lily Kettle and her loving boyfriend Razz Kevins make of Arendelle? Read on to find out! Short, fun, easy to read story that's intended… Read More
Both Lily Kettle and her boyfriend Razz Kevins are sent back in time in Narnia to the days of old there. An adventure in the past of Narnia breaks out for the two of them. Will they ever be able to escape themselves out of the frozen realm and into… Read More
The beast Aslan races across Narnia determined to get to his enemy's palace Cair Paravel with two son's of Adam riding on his back. What happens to four of the son's of Adam when they leave Narnia? Where do they go from there? Read on to find out! Read More
The great destiny of the 6 son's of Adam in Narnia continues. Meanwhile Morgana begins to have fun torturing her prisoner Lily. Read More
Lily Kettle finds herself spending some quality time with the father of her deceased boyfriend in the dark jungle in Mzzuan, the never ending maze. She happily takes to bounding with him there, but however are they about to catch up with someone in the maze who they seem to… Read More
Lily Kettle takes to preparing herself for battle! A battle is just about to break out in Mzzuan. Lily will have to stand both brave and tall alongside her friends if she is going to win the battle. Also take to returning to Narnia Read More
Lily continues to try and think of a way that both her and her friends can escape themselves from the never ending maze of Mzzuan. Lily may just unfortunately lose one of her closest allies in her struggle to escape herself out of the never ending maze. Read More
Continuing on with the many adventures that are now going on in the never ending maze of Mzzuan. There's a monstrous desert in Mzzuan. Three new people now take to arriving in it and they are both Tom Clarkson and his family. What will their adventures in Mzzuan hold for… Read More
Very short story where two Avengers Iron man (Tony Stark) and Captain America (Steve Rodgers) come across members of Lily Kettle's family in Living village, and they managed to safely take them away before Shannay can get her two very cold hands on them. Read More
RAZZ KEVINS HAS RETURNED! He's now frozen in thick solid ice before where Johnny Taylor, Liam O'Donovan and Aslan the golden lion are standing directly before him in Narnia. There's a destiny that the lion knows about and he now wishes to put it into place. Read More
Both Johnny Taylor and Liam O'Donovan who were seperated from their friends in their search for their missing friend Lily Kettle now find themselves suddenly surrounded by a lot of snow. THEY'RE NOW IN NARNIA! They begin to have some really cool adventures there. Brace yourself for your in for… Read More
More of August's story is explored in this episode. It explains what happened to him over the course of the missing year that took place in once upon a time season 3. It also explains what happens to August his friend Neal and their new friend Rose Tyler now that… Read More
Lily Kettle is now back to being inside her own body and Hook's back to being inside his. Lily's been reunited with her friends and now she tries to find a way out of the never ending maze that she's currently trapped in with them. May contain some swear words… Read More
Lily Kettle who's still in the pirate Captain Hook's body arrives at the great palace in the Never Ending maze of Mzzuan. She's partnered herself up with Captain Hook's own right hand man Mr Smee. Elsewhere back home on earth Lily's friends continue their tiredless search for her. They won't… Read More
Doctor who character Rose Tyler makes her way into our stories in this part of the adventure. A wicked witch kidnaps her from her home garden and takes her away as her prisoner. Will Rose be rescued from the witch? Read on to find out! Read More
Tracy Beaker continues to search for her friend Lily Kettle along with her two new friends Tom Clarkson and Kyle Kevins. She journeys down to the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England with them both. Meanwhile Shannay continues to cause a great deal of trouble in Living village. Tracy… Read More
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