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Corvus never expected much from life. As the son of shopkeepers, he seemed doomed to an existence standing behind a counter and arguing with self-centered, delusional customers. But that was before animals starting talking to him, before assassins started hunting him, and before he started hearing mysterious voices. Now that… Read More
Use this only if your a dungeon master, also you need to come up with the rest of the story, all this is for is the intro and intro battle Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

September 29, 2018

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The Fantasy Realm House

A demon calls for you. How long can you resist its allure? Read More
A group of friends find an old dungeons and dragons book. In this book a story is written. The group goes to play dnd with this story and get sucked into its world. Stuck with the rules of the book they try to survive and finish its story. Read More
Centuries have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdoms of man have risen into a civilization of law. But there are stirrings in the kingdom of Daanlin, and the paladins who rule must decide if it is wise to… Read More
This is a recent work of fan fiction of Dungeons and Dragons. This tale will follow a young Dragon-born who ventures through many lands with other Dragon-borns in search of an ancient powerful Dragon, who they believe can help them turn the tide in a war between man, elves,… Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

A story about a girl and boy who were left as orphans in a village of rogues and clerics. Deep down inside they know that they are not clerics and that they are something more powerful. They hold power inside their souls that the Queen wants to get a… Read More
Summary: After thirty-three sleepless hours, spent running from a crime ring, hanging out openly in a tavern is not on Millavio's list of enjoyable activities. Doing so while nursing a migraine, even less so. The fiddle music scheduled to play that evening was solid proof the gods hated him.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Set in the world of Ereborne. A group of heroes are gathered to defeat the power of an ancient corruption but they soon discover along the way that making the right choice can be hard. Actions bear consequence and consequences can be life or death. Can the heroes defeat the… Read More
I play Pathfinder, basically a better worked out version of D&D, and I wrote this short story as background for a temporary weapon my players could obtain while I was their DM. It's also in Dutch Read More
A flash fiction piece about a group of roleplayers. Aaron had been cheating on his rolls all night, and the main character has finally had enough. I understand that a lot of the mechanics in the story aren't exactly how role-playing games work, but I had to simplify it for… Read More
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