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A duo I encountered at my second hometown I ever stayed in. Read More

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In the outerplanes, the domain of the Gods of Vaelia: the God of Knowledge and the Goddess of Luck met and shared a drink, and like always, they argued and fought, as they always had, over the nature of all. A night like any other, in the hall of the… Read More
This is my most recent, and it was written with the help of my girlfriend. We wrote it the night we finally got together after weeks of keeping it to just us. Another duo, hope everyone loves it ^-^ Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for all the Unlikely Duo fans. I had a random burst of energy to write a short story through Lesley's POV about how she spent her nine months away from Huntress. We all know how Huntress spent hers. Now it's Lesley's turn. Enjoy! ***WARNING: Don't read if you… Read More
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