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The Fantasy Realm House

“No fear, no thinking. Just reacting without hesitations or regrets.” Aster Idir Z’vedi of the Dream Warrior Tribe My name is Aster Idir Z’vedi of the Dream Warrior Tribe and I was born in the Between. I was conceived between two worlds, my mother’s, Tibernum and my father’s, Validor. I… Read More

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a dwarf find a mine that he has claims is occupied by a mad man. then a child mysterious appears in the middle of winter. next the village is surrounded by a horde of thousands. what do you do next? what a wonderful retirement. Read More

Tags: magic, elves, dwarf

There was a man. who one day got the tail from the naughty behaviour of goblin? And feel bad luck. Read More

Tags: fairy, dwarf, goblin, a-man

Thank you so much to anyone who read through this. I am a HUGE fan of the Warhammer universe, and I am actually deciding to mix up the Vermintide game, and the game Total war: Warhammer 2. Some cheatcheats for those who might be confused by my terminology: Dawi=Dwarf.… Read More
There was a magical butterfly. Who lay their eggs in fairy land? Read More
A little boy wakes up in a forest with no memory of who he is or where he is from. He remembers nothing at all, just as if he appeared there from nowhere. Then he encounters two interesting characters and discovers he must choose to follow one of them.… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 11, 2017

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The The MCI Torch House

Its so enjoyable when reciting those rhymes Read More

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The humans have been belittled and looked down upon by Elves for years and centuries. Bloody battles have been fought, but the Elves reigned supreme and claimed most of the human lands.Human's offered Elves a peace treaty, after which they lived in relative peace.Until a bloody incident happened that would… Read More

Tags: fantasy, human, elf, orc, dwarf

If you don’t reach 4’11 (150 cm) in height you are considered a dwarf. If you are a dwarf you are still lucky, cause it could be worse. You could be a hobbit, which means being even shorter. Danny is a dwarf. He didn’t make it for a small margin... Read More
A short story on how a near-sighted, deaf, dwarven engineer makes his mark on the battlefield. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

My name is Aila Silentpaw and I am a bendolin who was born on the world of Sigma. A world where magic is real and mastered by the seven Kingdoms. My family however was forced to flee from our home and hide on Earth as criminals. What is my crime… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

epic fantasy. almost complete. Read More

Tags: fantasy, magic, elf, dwarf

The Dwarfs Of Karak Garnar has held the forces of Chaos at bay for five thousand years. The hold was once open to outsiders but soon cut all contact with the holds motherland Kislev, The Empire and all trader`s in order to focus mainly on the art of war. But… Read More

Tags: war, evil, sadness, dwarf

This story is about a young boy named Jim who does not being told by his parents what to do. He wishes that they disappear. Instead he drifts into an imaginary world and is stuck in it. Read More
The warm and welcoming thoughts open the doors for you Read More
The Earth and Blade Saga reaches its climax when an invading force of Grey-Blood Elves is spotted off the coast of Elbaros. The Earth and Blade companions must help defend the city or the empire will fall to the Grey-Bloods and its people will become slaves. With little hope and… Read More

Tags: fantasy, elves, dwarf, orcs

(WIP) Delwyn is an elf attending an all human Arcane University. As if that didn't complicate things already, she's under strict watch of the High Order. Delwyn plans to become a mage within the High Order, and bring her family name to glory amongst all the elves. Her plans of… Read More
In the second part of The Earth and Blade Saga, the great imperial city is attacked by Orcs that want only revenge for the mistreatment they have received from humans. With Only Gracil, Nore and Tayren left in the city to defend the civilians, the name 'Earth and Blade' will… Read More
This story revolves around the young protagonist Valkyrie Daeben, the Elven daughter of a powerful Priestess. Will this next-in-line stand to order, or find her own way? Read More
Every child's dream is to have the dragons, the elves, the magical world they imagine come true. It's 2007, and when Matt, Simon, Valora and Sophie become the first humans to wield magic in over a hundred years, events are put in motion that will change the world forever. What… Read More
A short story about a short person Read More

Poem / Fantasy

June 28, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

An epic poem about a war between dwarves and goblins. Read More
A great and powerful evil has arisen in the world of Thoril. Now it is up to nine champions to find and destroy this great evil before every land is ravaged by war. Will Goran and Gwendelynn, Braxtus and Brimstone, the high elf prince, Liethkorious, the wood elf princess, Kelethin,… Read More
"The Adventures of Mäki and Friends" is a collection of short-stories based off the adventures of a group of characters in a tabletop role-playing game. The story takes place in the world Trudvang from the Swedish RPG "Drakar och Demoner" (meaning "Dragons and Demons"). The stories' main focal point is… Read More
Fearing that which was rising from the ancient tunnels the miners take refuge within the dwarven city under the Lonesome Mountain. Due to his lie to protect Neya, Alan becomes the middleman between the king and the miners. After meeting the dwarven court, he learns there is more to fear… Read More
"The story of how we came to be" is a short story that presents a story of origin for the human race upon the land of Azum'rah. It is used as an intro for the book "Azum'rah - Kings of a Dying World." Read More
Shu, an light elf with unknown powers has no clue as to who his true family is. He was raised by a family of wood elves known as the Rimm family. He leaves the family to become a drifting mercenary in the vast land of Beldra and was banned from… Read More
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