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Which truth do you want to know? The truth that liberates you. Or the truth that gives you comfort. Choose only one. Read More
During the annual joy parade, a little girl discovers a different side to her idyllic town. Read More

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October 26, 2020

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Calgary, Alberta. Winter 2020. The city is taken by surprise by a sudden invasion of enemy forces. At first, it is thought to be that only the city is under attack , but quickly it becomes clear that the opposition is everywhere throughout the rest of the country. A longtime… Read More

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"Brilliantly written. Tense, action-packed, and good character building. Looking forward to reading more." Read More

Alpha Six One is an artificial human created by the government for the past 20 years, in a society where people are told who they are going to be from an early age. Alpha Six One turns to her diary for support and unlocks some mysteries about her past. Read More

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Tapper is part of a whole new brave world and it is divided into three parts. I'm publishing one of the parts, which the reader is free to decide whether it is the first, second or third part and the next ones will be published in the next days. Thanks… Read More
A dystopian future in which true love is outlawed and pornography is god. One man decides to choose a different path.. Apocalyptic echoes of 1984 and Brave New World. Porn Sick Sad World is more relevant now than ever. Read More
Some parts are definitely historically accurate, whilst some are debatable. We cannot know for sure. Read More
If I were to walk off the face of this earth, these are my thoughts and words to the people I love at my funeral. I have been suicidal but have chosen to endure this world a bit longer to see if things will or can change. I doubt it… Read More
In the aftermath of World War Three, a child spy is sent to research the American Republic's suspicious obsession to gather a commodity they choose not to disclose. Read More
Shard, a world drowned, yet dotted with islands, is set at odds in a war older than memory. One, Lagoon, feels remarkably at peace. With the war far from their shores, they’re free to focus on a greater concern . . . the witch. Imprisoned upon Gabriel’s Tear, a nearby… Read More
In a land of steady habits, where routine pleasure is tantamount to religion, a great taboo is ushered unto the City of Elbrusia. A terrorist attack claims an unprecedented number of lives, and the Zietgest of careless living slowly begins to erode. Eve, a Therapy-bot gone AWOL; Ichijo, a retired… Read More
The famous streets of Las Vegas have gone quiet: the crowds of eager visitors replaced by darkness, silence, and dust. When the Visitors arrived, unheralded and unfamiliar, they met with world leaders and held press conferences: assuring everyone of great things to come. But — for some reason — Noah… Read More
Clara Cowherd is not just the world's bestselling author. She's the world's only author - the only author that the world's only publishing firm, Little Brown Penguin, will publish and the only author available for purchase: book after book after book. You can get hold of other books - typewritten… Read More
An assignment for my Popular Fiction Writing class that I was proud of and wanted to share. This is the final version of it, posted in my final portfolio for the class. Read More
'The Revolution Series' tells the story of Exeus Wildfred, a Windlander black sting who fights for Lord Ben Centric’s ludclub in Mentrish. Exeus becomes the national champion in the 2666 season after defeating the champion of Lord John Lawyer’s ludclub—the other ludclub in the capital of Sapagna—and meets Leader Christopher… Read More
It takes team work to flush out prey, in this science fiction detective short story. Read More
Janie Adams is brutally abused for ten years. She finds herself being split into several Altars or personalities to cope. She falls in love with the deeply bitter David Adams, and the two embark on the quest to change the constitution together. Ultimately a story of 'Justice for Janie.' Read More
A young man sits by his campfire high in the mountains and mourns the death of the world. He tells us the story of the world's end, how his father predicted the coming devastation and taught him to survive. Read More

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September 25, 2019

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I'll let it speak for itself. Read More
Eden is a harsh,religious city controlled by a dangerous cult leader named Maxwell who the populace worships as a God. When Maxwell captures Eve to control her father Keegan, Eve must discover the dark side of the city and become the hero of the heretics. But Eve's father has been… Read More
What was, what could be and what might be. Read More

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Loosely based on the Replicas Album by Gary Numan and Tubeway Army (To avoid confusion, an error in Chapter Publishing has made it appear that Chapters are missing, I assure you that no chapters are missing) Read More
HEADS UP!! This contains some explicit content, such as profanity and sex. "Together, parliament have come to a unanimous vote that the borders will close for an undecided future. It is with the wellbeing and safety of all citizens in mind this decision has been made." - President Flynn, 2021… Read More
The year is 2702. Charlotte Blacksand, a witty sixteen-year-old government orphan, escapes from Earth to start a new life in the domed cities of Tylius. At first, it appears that Charlotte is getting the freedom she has always wanted, but when she finds herself in the midst of a mission… Read More
In defense of Keldo. Read More

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May 15, 2019

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Emperor Drumpf bans Queers of all kinds, deporting them all to a chain of deserted islands to die. Read More

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